Paper thin 3D printing solar panels

Polaris solar PV net news: solar panels are gradually changing our approach to energy access, especially when considering self-powered next-generation housing, in order to achieve this dream, researchers worldwide are actively trying to use additive manufacturing technology to optimize the production of solar panels. This includes a team of Australian research team of 50 scientists.

The team of Australian scientists in the past few years have been developing an organic 3D printing paper-thin solar panels, it can even provide energy for an entire skyscraper. Developers want to be able to in the near future, with low energy as a starting point towards the commercialization of this new type of device manufacture. This technology can effectively reduce dependency on traditional energy sources in developed countries, meanwhile, can also provide developing countries with an economical and viable source of electricity.

Unlike traditional solar panels is, these solar cells can include paper glasses and roofs are printed directly on the actual housing location. In addition to use in large buildings, developers have tried to use these units for small objects, such as bodacious iPad. If this vision can be achieved, then the surface of the iPad, laptop backpacks and cell phone case will not only serve as a package, they also function as energy collectors, provide power for these removable devices.

Currently researchers use 3D printer has been successfully improved solar ink each organic solar cell unit is reduced to the size of a coin size, this solar cell paper is very cheap, and ways of working with traditional silicon based solar panels are different. The University of Melbourne and Monash University, consisting of cooperation agencies have even begun thinking about how to apply this technology to the world with almost no electricity in remote areas.

Next, the researchers hope to get support from the Government, and to extend this technology to public places.

Original title: “paper thin” 3D printed solar cells, have you seen it?
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