Photovoltaic electricity prices low The electricity sector price with coal fired

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the people who lives in meijiang district XI Yang Zhen Lin told “people’s livelihood” column reflects his new roof report into the “photovoltaic”. However on October 14, his family after the installation of solar power into the grid, selling electricity prices in the State are only 0.3966 Yuan/degree. “I remember news reports are published in 0.502 Yuan/degree. Why buy low price so much? “Zhang wanted to help advice what is the matter?

Photovoltaic electricity prices low? The electricity sector: price with coal-fired electricity price fluctuations

Villagers in the home roof-mounted photovoltaic power stations

For generating income, and revenues are too low

“I was a farmer in more than 60 years, in addition to planting nothing can increase the revenue of the project. 2014 News distributed PV power generation projects very well: in the few solar panels on their roofs, insulation, and can make money. Not only can generate electricity for personal use, excess electricity can be sold to the State, in addition, also have price subsidies. Just borrow money to gather together enough this year, more than 500,000 out ‘ photovoltaic power stations ‘ “citizen Lin who lives in Xiyang town GE Gong ling at the White House, and this year he was installed in the new building roof distributed PV power generation projects, PV project on October 14, he started into the grid to make money.

Journalists from Mr Lin came to his home 3 storey building roof, photovoltaic panels laid square above regular light transmittance. “Anything this good is the purchase price of electricity is too low. October 14-grid, until October 31, sells electricity to remove tax money only 612.22 connected acquisition turned out to be 0.3966 Yuan/degree. I Baidu online at minimum 0.45 Yuan/degrees in many provinces. “Mr Lam said he was not understood,” why here in Meizhou city purchase price will be lower than in other provinces? ”

The electricity sector: coal benchmark price, the prices in Guangdong Province, the floating

To do this, journalists contacted the electricity sector. City power supply Department Marketing Department staff told reporters that before April 20, 2015, production of domestic photovoltaic power stations in Guangdong Province, can each of 0.502 (tax) the price of Internet access, but also enjoy 0.42 Yuan/degree provided by the national development and Reform Commission (tax) benefits. January 1, 2016, the price of photovoltaic power in Guangdong province became 0.4505 Yuan (including tax), Guangdong Province, the price is based on coal benchmark price to float, and the national development and Reform Commission subsidies will remain unchanged. At present, Guangdong Province, distributed PV new benchmark coal price 0.4505/(tax) acquisition, but also enjoy a 0.42 Yuan/degree (tax) State subsidies. Among them, the tax standard: coal-fired unit price rate is 17%, which is 0.38504x (1+17%) = 0.4505/, 0.38504/tax not included price. Personal projects, including tax settlement price by 3% Summary of VAT tax rates that individual project price (including tax) 0.38504x (1+3%) = 0.3966 Yuan/degree.

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