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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. progress in 2016-37 solar power project construction in Guangxi (table)

In accordance with the National Energy Board issued 2016 issued the notice on PV implementation programmes ([new 2016]166), PV power plant project in our region will now progress to the public.

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2. second and third photovoltaic power generation project in Haiyan County, Zhejiang investors financial assistance fund allocation table

Haiyan County, according to the County Department of finance the enterprise financial management of funds (salt Fortune enterprises (2016), 1th) stipulates that the allocation of second and third photovoltaic projects financial assistance fund. Among them, the second batch of PV power projects invested 4.1755 million yuan of financial assistance, 12 companies that have meet the grant criteria; financial assistance fund in the third instalment of 5.8297 million Yuan, a total of 17 companies that have meet the grant criteria.

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3. Guangdong Dongguan allocated second (first to second) distributed PV project special purpose grants fund

By the electricity sector, the municipal development and reform Bureau of statistics, finance, audit, review and determine the second (first to second) distributed PV project special purpose grants fund a total of 685801.23 Yuan (see the appendix), will now grant funds available to you.

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4. paid the third instalment, Dongguan, Guangdong (phase I) of distributed PV special purpose grants funds

By the electricity sector, the municipal development and reform Bureau of statistics, finance, audit, review and determine the third batch (phase I) of distributed PV project special purpose grants fund a total of 2189080.7 Yuan (see the appendix), will now grant funds available to you.

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5. the qingyang County, Anhui photovoltaic poverty alleviation programme

By 2020, the county building photovoltaic power station 18,321-kilowatt, achieve benefit poor families in 20-25 an average annual increase of around 3000 Yuan, benefiting poor village collective average annual increase of around 60,000 yuan.

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Market review

1. electricity prices cut its 2017 new round of PV installing the tide?

The Chinese Government is on target, decreased PV on-grid prices. Recently the industry spread out 2017 PV benchmark price adjustment file, due to cut than expected, causing greater volatility in the industry.

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2. the excess capacity of the photovoltaic industry: how to recognize? How to resolve?

Overcapacity has become a prominent contradiction in the economic operation. Photovoltaic industry has over the years been plagued by overcapacity, severely affecting and restricting the healthy development of the industry. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze, correct understanding and effective response to the problem of excess PV industry, to promote the healthy and orderly development of PV industry in China.

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3. She had a “double reverse” PV industry how to respond?

In recent years, China photovoltaic products suffered consecutive United States and the European Union, Canada, and India in key export markets such as the “double reverse” investigation (from one or several countries or regions refer to the same product, both anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigation).

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4. Administration of East China PV poor engineering quality inspection

Enterprise version

1. in addition to Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft is doing everything possible to layout of new energy

In view of human production activities have adverse impact on the Earth, the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is an inevitable trend. In this connection, look in the eyes of many technology companies, their strategy to a new energy sector. In addition to brush Apple today in cooperation with China, and layout, do you know what big companies broke into the hot field?

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Winter 2.SunPower industry layoffs 25%

For weathering the current economic winter, United States solar plant SunPowerCorp.7 day announced the layoffs of 25% (the equivalent of 2,500 people), and close the 700MW solar plant. SunPower also announced the following measures: 2017 capital expenditure budget cuts more than 50% to about $100 million, 2017 cuts operating costs to below $350 million, and by the end of 2017 will recognize organizations about 2.25-$ 275 million restructuring charge.

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3. avoid cut-off Korean enterprises losing money sell polycrystalline silicon

South Korea poly Korean enterprises headed by OCI, in the city, imposing anti-dumping tax, imports have increased rather than decreased, suspected to sell at below-cost price to the city, avoiding loss of production, has hit the city, the local market.

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4. the MIP and two solar companies to exit the European Union agreements

Manufacturers in China, Jiangsu sailafu (Seraphim), Ningbo Hua Shun, such as solar two companies announced its withdrawal from the Central MIP protocol list, was Trina, ja, Crystal branch, photovoltaic, longi, Suntech and other well-known companies and solar plant since quit.

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5. Google’s announced schedule: 2017 will rely entirely on renewables operations

According to technology site VentureBeat reported, Google said that by 2017 it will depend entirely on renewables operations-including its data centers and offices.

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International articles

1. Japan announce PV competition design, FIT and price schedule

Japan economy, trade and industry (METI) on December 5, 2016-fifth renewable wholesale purchase (buy at a fixed price, FIT) pricing Committee. Consider solar energy system cost reduction trend will bid for 2017 and 2018 solar size in addition to schemes, FIT is also lowered year by year, and promote cost reduction schedule.

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2. United States residents of rooftop PV 44% by “third parties”

In the United States totals 12.3GW distributed PV installed capacity, of which 30% (3.7GW) are represented by “third parties” (thirdparty). The breakdown for third parties in rooftop PV’s higher proportion of households, to 44%; and the proportion of third parties in commercial rooftop PV is only 11%.

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3. Poland will hold its first solar project in late December auction

Poland will hold its auction of solar power for the first time at the end of December, open bidding process, to Poland to provide 400 megawatts of solar generating capacity.

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