PV competitive allocation of Hunan province administrative measures

Polaris solar PV net news: Chapter I General provisions

First to standardize the PV market development and construction order in our province, optimizing the allocation of resources, in accordance with the national development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Board on improving the PV scale management and ways of introducing competition to configure the project’s guidelines (the change in energy (2016), 1163th), these measures are formulated.

Second common PV power plant project, not including photovoltaic power generation led technology demonstration bases, PV poverty and fixing roofs, walls and subsidiary sites construction of photovoltaic power generation projects, as well as all the spontaneous use of PV power plant project on the ground.

PV third ordinary competitive allocation (hereinafter referred to as competitive allocation) optimally. Optimization work according to law compliance, follow the open, fair and equitable, mature early work priorities, comprehensive utilization of resources, technology and efficiency priority principle of priority, out scoring.

Chapter project application

Fourth article participate in optimization of project should provides related information and annex, including record file, land, and planning, and water, and flood control and power, sector reply views, land (woodland, and water) rental agreement, enterprise performance qualification,, and since score table, and related proved material, (involved completed engineering volume of also needed provides construction contract, and funds paid voucher,) and stamped Enterprise seal. Project documents in triplicate.

Article fifth project comprehensive use of resources, the implementation of programmes should be technically and economically feasible. Complementary projects should provide agricultural construction programmes and agricultural cooperation and company-related information; fishing light complementary projects should be made flood control evaluation approval sites should avoid the wetland protected areas such as national building area; Lin Guang complementary project woodland approvals should be obtained.

Article sixth project should contribute to regional economic development, to improve the efficiency of land utilization, to technological progress and cost reductions, and conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry.

Chapter selection assessment

Seventh optimization score work includes price assessments, project evaluation, programme evaluation, project implementation performance evaluation and enterprise’s investment evaluation in five parts, a total of 100 points; a separate plus and minus points. Specific content of Hunan province, described in the PV power plant project selection criteria form (annex 1).

Article eighth Hunan provincial Commission of development and reform (energy Bureau of Hunan province) (hereinafter referred to as provincial development and Reform Commission (energy), according to the State’s general annual PV power station construction, organize annual selection of construction project work.

Nineth all municipal development and reform Department in accordance with unified work arrangements and organization in each County (city, district) the first instance of enterprise reporting projects and data, ensuring the authenticity of items and information, and filter after sorting the project submitted to the provincial development and Reform Commission (energy).

Tenth provincial development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) to collect project commissioned a third party review. Third parties strictly in accordance with the standard, project materials and business self rating score, fill out the score sheets (see annex 2), and issue a written review comments.

Article 11th party delegate from Hunan province to assess institutional repository “(new energy) professional” selected according to the requirements and related costs paid by the provincial development and Reform Commission in accordance with the relevant provisions, no unit or individual is allowed to collect any fees for any reason.

12th provincial development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) to third party written comments submitted to the Director of the provincial development and Reform Commission Office will focus on the consideration, considered by the provincial development and Reform Commission after the portal site published.

13th provincial development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) based on the review comments and the results of publicity, building scale into specific projects, formation issued annual construction programme.

The fourth chapter supervision and inspection

14th optimization work organized by the provincial development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) Disciplinary Committee monitored and subject to public supervision.

Clause 15th annual implementation plan of the project should be implemented strictly in accordance with the National Energy Board on renewable power generation project notice of information management (new [2015]358) require, in the National Department of energy renewable energy generation project management information management platform.

Clause 16th annual implementation programme project investors, shareholders and equity, as well as building size, building site construction shall not alter. As adjusted due to mergers and acquisitions, in the same Division of labor within the Group and other reasons, the need to change investment or equity, shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the strict implementation of change.

Clause 17th annual implementation programme projects, shall, within the prescribed period a substantial construction. Project a substantial pile of construction engineering based, bracket, switching station (distribution) building.

18th provincial Department of energy project construction progress schedules and site inspection carried out on a regular basis, without conditions, failing to start the construction building and construction projects lag adjusted in due time, recover the construction scale of adjustment for other work or work more to improve the project in the early. Correlation of increased construction work shall conform to the provisions of these measures.

19th energy regulator to implementation of project construction supervision.

The fifth chapter by-laws

20th article of the approach will be based on national and provincial policy changes improve in due course.

21st article this way by the Hunan provincial development and Reform Commission is responsible for the interpretation.

22nd article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.

Annex: 1, Hunan province PV power plant project selection criteria

A total of 100 points, a total of five items; a separate plus and minus points.

First, price (25 points)

Commitment than nationally determined benchmark price for photovoltaic power generation Internet of our province, decreased 0.01 Yuan/degree, 5 points. Up to 25 minutes.

Second, the preliminary work of the project (30 points)

1, the project shall obtain land, planning, environmental protection, forestry, water conservancy and electric power sectors reply comments. Among them, the corresponding approval of the competent departments of the planning, environmental protection, and 2 points, respectively; access to land, forestry, water conservancy and power access to the approval of the competent departments, such as, respectively, 5 points.

2, signed a land (forest, water) formal agreement of lease contract and an advance of the rent or a security deposit (6 points); just sign the formal rental contract agreement but not paying rent or a security deposit (3 points), owned land (forest, water) ownership certificate (6 points). This does not repeat points.

Third, project implementation plans (30 points)

Projects need to have relevant qualification project implementation plans prepared by the design unit, includes project profiles, company profiles, technical programmes, economic analysis, comprehensive utilization of land, major progress was made in the performance, commitment, and so on.

1, comprehensive utilization of land (15 minutes)

Nong Guang, Lin Guang complementary projects. Component design and installation of high agricultural and forestry planting and spacing to achieve technical requirements (5 points). Set up agriculture, forestry companies, or formal agriculture, cooperation agreements on forestry and agriculture, forestry programmes (10 points).

Yue Kwong complementary projects. Component design and installation height and distance to reach aquaculture technical requirements (5 points). Establishment of fish farming companies or sign an agency contract (5 points). Preparation of flood control evaluation and approval by the competent departments (5 points).

Use of hills, slopes, beaches and unused land, wasteland and other ground station (10 minutes).

This does not repeat points.

2, the use of equipment performance (8)

Main equipment selection in the project implementation plan explicitly intends to select PV modules and grid-connected inverters should meet the standard conditions of the PV manufacturing industry relevant technical product specification requirements (5 points) and other advanced technologies (3 points).

3, the construction schedule (7 points)

Commitment into implementation programmes within 2 months after commencement of project construction and grid-connected power generation that year (7 points), committed to projects in the implementation of programmes within 3 months after construction and grid-connected power generation that year (5 points).

Four, enterprise performance (9 points)

1, has been built 5 MW grid-connected distributed PV projects above or more than 50 households rooftop PV projects (including photovoltaic projects) (project registration certificate are required, electricity invoices, outside the province, the project will provide the local provincial energy departments to include power plant scale index of related files, such as documents) (4)

2, have been built centralized PV (photovoltaic project is not included) (project registration certificate are required, electricity invoices, outside the province, the project will provide the local provincial energy departments to include power plant scale index of related files, such as documentation) (5 points)

Five, business investment (6)

1, the enterprise has good investment performance, PV module, or inverter, electric equipment production capacity. (2)

2, the enterprise has good financial strength, capital (project total investment 30%) documentation and proof of financing. (2)

3, to provide related accessories, including the business license of the company (parent company stamped with the seal of the parent company), copy of ID, proof of credit ratings, since scoring tables, each missing a minus 1, minus lasts. (2)

Six, plus

1, the project location or poor villages in poor counties, “green counties”, green energy demonstration, plus 2 points.

2, the project has substantial work, including pile foundation construction, substation construction and construction support, 10 points.

Seven and points deducted

1, have been incorporated into our province in 2014, 2015 and 2016 PV implementation programmes but did not start the project of enterprise total minus 10 points.

2, data falsification, privately scalping indicators of irregularities, such as outright cancellation of award eligibility.

Annex 2: PV Hunan province competitive allocation table

Original title: Hunan provincial development and Reform Commission on issuing the PV Hunan Province Regulation on competitive allocation notice

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