Quanzhou County of Guangxi family distributed power and photovoltaic pilot implementation

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The County agreed, now the Quanzhou family distributed power generation and solar pilot programme for poverty alleviation issued to you, please practice, careful organization.

Quanzhou County people’s Government Office

The December 13, 2016

Quanzhou family distributed power and photovoltaic pilot implementation of poverty alleviation programmes

For further optimization I County energy structure, speed up I County PV poverty engineering construction, according to national development and Reform Committee, and national development Bank, and China Agricultural Development Bank on implementation PV power poverty work of views (sent modified energy (2016) No. 621,), and national energy Council integrated Division, and State poverty do administrative personnel Division on issued PV poverty implementation programme prepared outline of notification (country can fully new can (2016) No. 280,), and Guangxi Energy Council District, and Poverty alleviation Office on PV implementation for poverty alleviation programmes in our region of the notice (Mandarin new (2016), 15th) spirit, combined with the actual, implementation plan is formulated.

A, guideline

According to the statewide County demonstration site building work in the new stage of scientific development, around the adjustment of energy structure, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, air pollution control and urban environmental renovation as a breakthrough, encouraging households to adopt anti-poverty projects and residents to carry out distributed PV PV applications, and constantly improve our County clean green sustainable development strategy and poverty alleviation through PV solve the poor quickly out of poverty.

Second, the development goals

To resolve file state incapacity the poor as one of the objectives, actively promote family distributed construction of photovoltaic power generation, implementation of cleaner energy alternatives. Boost photovoltaic application level of residents, a number of have the demonstration effect for families living in rooftop PV power generation projects.

Three main tasks

(A) the construction of distributed PV focus on poor families. Supports all types of households, consumers and investors in accordance with the vote for personal use, energy contract management building families distributed generation projects. Salt water town, Shaoxing County town, a pilot scheme, the Hua Shang by Guilin new energy organization voluntarily participate in the roof of the poor implementation of distributed solar power projects.

(B) strongly supported the family rooftop PV building. Combined with “beautiful village” construction of towns and villages both residential and residential rooftop PV roof construction family, encourage focus on continuous development, advancing photovoltaic well-off construction, giving priority to encourage pig tuiyang, low-income families build the family rooftop PV.

(C) improving project management procedures. County development and reform Bureau records all kinds of distributed solar power projects, distributed PV projects and town and village (community) using the collective property of distributed PV facilities into building projects can directly record individual home ownership household rooftop PV project is funded by the County for the construction of water conservancy industry limited company to register directly and centrally to the County development and reform Bureau. Registration is valid for one year.

(D) improve network management and operation services. County Water Conservancy industry limited company to strengthen supporting photovoltaic power grid construction and transformation, security grid and grid-connected PV power generation projects built, at the same time. Connected to the public power grid of distributed solar power projects, the Access project and access caused the public enterprises to invest in construction of power grids in part by network; access users access project invested by the project owner. County Water Conservancy industry co to provide grid services for distributed PV to optimize system operation and priority protection of photovoltaic power generation operation, ensure that the photovoltaic grid-connected power generation projects, simplify distributed photovoltaic grid access and management procedures, publication distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation service processes, establish simple and efficient service system for distributed PV power generation projects free of reserve capacity and related service fees.

(E) clear electricity metering and the settlement subsidy. County Water Conservancy industry limited subsidies to include county-level distributed PV PV project electricity production, electricity measurement, and statistics. And on a monthly basis to pay subsidies, State, province, ensure that the subsidy Fund in full and on time.

Four, projects, policies and promote

(A) clear job responsibilities. County departments according to the Division of responsibilities for the effective implementation of policies, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and work together, solve problems and difficulties in the process of advancing, accelerate family distributed photovoltaic applications and solar poverty alleviation work.

(B) strengthen financial support. Encourage banks and other financial institutions according to the characteristics of distributed PV and financing needs, increase the scale of green credits, flexible credit policies, increase family financial support of distributed solar power projects, explore project selling electricity charges right facility backed by assets and projects.

This opinion come into effect December 13, 2016, interpreted by the responsible County development and reform Bureau.

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Original title: governance (2016), 94th on the issuance of Quanzhou family of distributed generation and photovoltaic pilot programmes for poverty alleviation notice

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