Renewable energy storage distributed PV added investment of 2 5 trillion into

Polaris solar PV net news: renewable energy “Thirteen-Five plan” recently published. The “Thirteen-Five” period, new investments in renewable energy field will reach 2.5 trillion yuan, the scale of investment than “Twelve-Five” during the nearly 39%. Experts said the energy industry and distributed PV segments will become “Thirteen-Five” energy field during the most explosive industry.

Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Han Wenke, a senior researcher believes that compared with previous plans, the “Thirteen-Five” plan in a modest reduction in the development goals at the same time, turned its focus more to reduce costs, enhance competitiveness and address “abandon wind up” constraints on the issue of renewable energy development.

Development goals to lower

Renewable sources of energy such as hydro, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and ocean energy, and so on.

Plan, by 2020, the hydropower installed capacity of about 60 million-kilowatt, new investment of about 500 billion yuan; new wind power installed capacity of about 8,000-kilowatt, new investment of about 700 billion yuan; new solar generation capacity investment of about 1 trillion yuan. Plus a biomass power generation investment, solar water heaters, biogas, geothermal energy utilization, the whole “Thirteen-Five” period, renewable energies new investments amounted to about 2.5 trillion yuan.

“Thirteen-Five” renewable energy investments during “Twelve-Five” during the nearly 39%. “Twelve-Five” renewable energy investment demand totals about 1.8 trillion yuan for the period.

Han Wenke, told reporters in the current power under the background of General excess, reduce energy requirements, “Thirteen-Five plan” a modest reduction in the development of renewable energy target.

An important background, China renewable energy scale ranked first in the world. By the end of 2015, national hydropower installed capacity for 320 million kilowatts, wind power, photovoltaic installation was 129 million kW, 43.18 million-kilowatt, solar thermal utilization area of more than 400 million square meters, application of the scale are among the top in the world. All the renewable energy capacity of 1.38 trillion kWh, accounting for 25% of the total electricity consumption.

“Thanks to the explosive growth of wind power generation, as well as the rapid expansion of hydropower production scale, the ‘ Twelve-Five ‘ during the renewable energy development than expected. So ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ during wind and hydropower is expected to grow slower, smaller scale than expected. But is expected to be able to guarantee 2020 non-fossil energy accounted for more than meet the requirements of 15%. “International energy Bai Jun, Director of the Institute of the national development and Reform Commission said.

To this end, the “Thirteen-Five” plan proposed renewable energy development goal is that by 2020, all renewable energy generation capacity of 680 million kW, capacity of 1.9 trillion kWh, accounting for 27% of electricity; all year use of renewable capacity of 730 million tons of standard coal, and commercialization of renewable energy utilization volume of 580 million tons of standard coal.

Sinolink securities analyst believes that the planning for photovoltaic and wind power installed capacity goal setting are very conservative. But 110GW and 210GW wind power can be understood as a baseline index. As long as the return on investment is attractive, the State does not limit capacity. But the plan to enhance the utilization hours, costs declined, PV industry higher efficiency requirements.

“Renewable energy is to develop in the long run. At present, renewable energy technology-still, cost reduction is quite obvious, compared with other power in the future, competition will continue to increase. “Han Wenke said.

Shi Dinghuan, Director of China renewable energy society, developing new energy sources, in particular the development of renewable sources of energy as the main new energy, will be the future direction of development.

Bottleneck hindering development

Although the scale has been ranking first in the world, but has been abandoned in renewable wind up abandoned water “three up” problems problems such as subsidies and renewable resource gap, but there is a growing trend.

Data show that 2016 years ago abandoned 10 months the country wind up abandoned when the water reaches 98 billion-kilowatt. The first half of the abandoned only when wind power up to 32.3 billion-kilowatt, approaching abandon wind power last year. Three northern regions to abandon the wind situation intensified, first half of the year, Xinjiang and Gansu left wind up to 45% and 47%, respectively.

Analysis of Han Wenke, resulting in abandoned wind up abandoned water causes more complex. In the context of current electricity demand in some areas blindly launched renewable energy. In addition, renewable electric power construction and power development coordination, weak absorptive capacity, new energy to abandon an important reason.

“Solving ‘ abandoned ‘ issues too. “Han Wenke says,” Thirteen-Five “plans to lower renewable energy, especially wind power, solar energy development goals at the same time, to increase local absorptive and increase acceptance and delivery capacity.

Deputy Director of the National Energy Board said Li Angzhe a few days ago when it comes to renewable energy, to wind up three northern regions to abandon hard rate contained within 5%. Other areas do not abandon the wind, not abandoned. Take account of the three northern regions to eliminate problems of renewable energy, “Thirteen-Five” layout also made relatively large adjustments, mainly to the East and the central development.

To this end, the “Thirteen-Five” plan proposed by 2020, wind power project electricity prices to compete with the local coal-fired power stations with platforms, PV projects electricity prices comparable with grid sales price. Hydroelectric water problem solving, power wind power, solar power’s annual utilization hours fully comply fully guaranteeing the purchasing requirements.

The industry believes that, at present, large-scale use of clean energy if you want to, need to change the traditional electricity planning, scheduling, production, transmission and consumption. In accordance with the power-energy-electricity-grid the whole industry chain the principle of integrated development, renewable energy such as wind power generation and all levels of network planning, design, construction.

Addressing renewable resource subsidy shortfall, but also “Thirteen-Five” an important objective of planning. “At present, renewable energy subsidies to make ends meet, gap is growing. How to reduce costs, reduce subsidies, not only related to the sustainable development of energy industry itself, but also restructuring can be successful. “Li Angzhe said.

Renewable energy subsidies mostly from renewable electricity price surcharge. Trade paid per kWh of renewable electricity surcharge 0.019, levied in full was 80 billion yuan. For a variety of reasons cannot be levied in full, resulting in the granting of subsidies owed to serious.

By 2016 the first half of the renewable energy subsidies exceeded 55 billion yuan in arrears. Large grid-connected, payment of subsidies eligible projects due to insufficient price surcharge charged, failed to get their subsidies.

To this end, the planning, to establish a unified national renewable energy green certificate trading scheme, further improve the mechanism of new energy and electricity subsidies. While docking with the carbon trading market, reduce the intensity of financial subsidies for renewable power, creating the conditions for the eventual elimination of financial capital subsidies.

Experts pointed out that subsidies into a fixed subsidy plus green certificates for difference mode. Existing fixed subsidies will remain for some time. With the subsidy gradually reduced subsidies will eventually exit. While the subsidies will adjust small and distributed energy resources. The other hand, when the time is ripe, will promote the quotas and green certificate trading mechanism.

Multiple niche eruptive period

A number of experts, told reporters, energy industry and distributed PV segments will be “Thirteen-Five” during the most explosive industry in the energy field is expected in 2020 energy storage industry added market can reach 35 billion yuan.

The plan at length for the first time emphasized the promote the development of energy storage technologies will drive energy storage technology demonstrations as “Thirteen-Five” during the renewable energy development of one of the eight main tasks.

Planning, pointed out that, in the field of renewable energy storage application. Combined with renewable energy, distributed energy, new energy micro-grid project development and construction, integrated energy storage technologies application and demonstration, through various types of energy storage technology and wind power, solar energy) systems integration and complementary use of intermittent renewable energy, increase system stability and grid-friendly renewable. Focused on exploring the development of renewable energy technologies and development models, developing energy storage facility construction management system, incentive policies and business models.

“The energy industry is in its infancy and the early stages in the development of large scale. “Han Wenke says, watch the” Thirteen-Five “energy storage technology and renewable energy development, and have more room for development in the future.

Sinolink securities analysts, from the industrial point of view, stored energy will be “Thirteen-Five” energy field during the most explosive industry. From an investment perspective, energy storage will also be pregnant within the next year the full plate of investment opportunities. First, storage can power station has commercial project validation, makes storage can power station became ideal investment standard of; second, intermittent sex can renewable energy penetration rate upgrade of demands and abandoned light abandoned wind intensified of contradictions, while sale distribution market release brings commercial mode innovation, respectively from power, and grid, and user side stimulus storage can needs; also, national height attention storage can technology of development, bottom policy incentive will gradually landing.

Distributed PV is also “Thirteen-Five” during the development of renewable energy focus areas. Planning distributed PV and will be promoting “PV +” comprehensive utilization project as the primary task of promoting diverse use of solar energy. Calls for continued support has been built and qualified industrial park, economic development zone, focus on promoting regional-scale rooftop PV electricity generation system.

Analysis of the industry, Department of energy pushing years of distributed PV will rapid growth from 2017 to really start and, hopefully, from 2018 to gradually implement user-side parity.

Sinolink securities analysts considered until 2017, centralized power stations a benchmark price slashed, three northern regions index issue cuts remain difficult to improve the power situation, distributed the attractiveness of the project will be improved significantly. In addition, the change in advance of placing side, especially the establishment of power market trading will also push up construction of distributed PV projects demand is expected in 2017 distributed projects share in installed capacity is expected to increase to more than 30%. But by 2015, compared to just 10%.

PV is innate for user deployment features, is expected to take the lead in implementing a user-side parity. Current electricity in the Eastern cost of 0.7-0.9 Yuan, average electricity prices more than 1 Yuan to achieve a reasonable rate of return, taking into account the capacity costs continue to fall and distributed market matures reduced financing costs, from 2018 distributed PV is expected to gradually achieve parity in the user side.

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