Shanxi go capacity road where the energy industry

Polaris solar PV net news: on December 5, in order to improve the atmospheric environment quality in winter, main urban area of Changzhi city, Shanxi province in “zero out of coal-fired” operations, staff community grid units, household visits to mobilize, over more than 40 villages, bian Cun, tens of thousands of tons of coal into clean all replacement of Coke, allow people to use clean fuels and environmental protection for the winter. This is Shanxi for treatment of coal-fired carbon emissions a little shot of energy industry innovation project.

Conform to requirements of the energy revolution, Shanxi is to hold a “low carbon” and “green” articles, adhere to the clean and efficient use of coal, develop new energy, forming the wheel drive, low-carbon green integrated energy system, to optimize energy structure to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

“Capacity” after “: extension of industry chains

October 2016, the Shanxi Luan group in shigejie coal mine was closed. This is Shanxi coal “capacity” in microcosm.

This year, Shanxi coal enterprises in the province took the lead out of 20 million tons of goals before 2020, out of more than 100 million tons, which accounted for about national coal production target of one-tenth.

“Capacity”, the quality improve?

In order to promote clean and efficient use of coal, Shanxi coal prices began using a new generation of washing coal equipment. Malan coal preparation plant of Shanxi coking coal group Xishan coal electricity company, for example, introduced its heavy medium shallow slot sorting technique not only improves the quality of coal, and less loss of 60,000 tons of coal annually. Sold coal for power transmission, Shanxi coal industry restructuring is another “brilliant idea”. The “Thirteen-Five” period, continue to optimize the allocation of energy resources in Shanxi, adhere to the simultaneous development of coal transmission, actively advancing North, jinzhong, jindong 3 qianwanqianwa level large modern coal-fired power delivery base construction.

As another strong point of the Shanxi coal transformation, in the Shanxi coal chemical industry is also offering a series of “combined”-

In coal business oil industry field, focus support Lu Ann Group 1.8 million tons/years coal base liquid products, and 4 million tons/years coal base oil and the chemicals coal clean using oil electrification hot integration project, and Jin coal Group 2 million tons/years coal base synthesis oil project, focus project starts construction or production worked; in coal business olefin industry aspects, Shanxi support with coal group, and Shanxi coking coal and research institutions joint established engineering technology research center, in improved perfect of based Shang ordered construction coal business olefin large industrialization upgrade model device, For gasification, and purification, and synthesis, full process of system optimization, formed has independent intellectual property of full process package; in coal business aromatic field, full using CAs Shanxi coal of by, domestic high-end development institutions of latest research results, active towards in Shanxi carried out coal business aromatic industrialization model project, focus solution methanol business aromatic reactor design and zoom, and reaction heat balance and engineering optimization, and industrialization application, key technology problem, strive to “Thirteen-Five” during achieved preliminary industrialization……

New energy “scene”: breaking a single coal-fired power structure

As a coal-rich province, about 10 trillion cubic meters of coal-bed methane gas reserves in Shanxi, accounting for one-third. A wealth of resources, coal-bed methane power generation become an important field of development of new energy industry. The “Thirteen-Five” period, Shanxi has layout, speeding up the exploitation of gas cogeneration project, promoting the construction of gas generation project, especially low density gas in coal Enterprise power nearby.

Meanwhile, Northwestern Shanxi province, luliang and zhongtiaoshan and concentration areas of wind energy. In ensuring the effective elimination of wind power on the basis of Shanxi are strongly promoting the advanced, high performance, high power wind power, encourage better resources and development conditions to speed up wind energy development, actively promoting these three wind farm projects in the region building and North of qianwanqianwa-level wind power bases.

In the solar industry, Datong, Changzhi, yuncheng city, and 3 new energy model city full use “solar + subsidence area of governance”, “solar + the poor” “solar + agricultural production” and “urban and rural energy low carbon solar +” “+ solar industrial carbon emissions control” mode, develop optoelectronics industry, model for other local models. Meanwhile, active solar heating techniques to promote residential use of solar energy and solar energy utilization and building integration technology, the construction of several large-scale photovoltaic power generation project and solar heating and cooling demonstration project.

Shanxi is also active in promoting biomass energy projects. To further enrich and innovative bio-energy use and ways to accelerate jinzhong, yuncheng in Shanxi province, Changzhi, Xinzhou area, such as the use of straw resource construction of biomass power generation project in terms of geothermal energy use, mainly between Taiyuan and yuncheng, in the construction of a number of deep geothermal energy for heating in winter, large-scale promotion of development and utilization of shallow geothermal energy demonstration projects.

According to the “Thirteen-Five” plan by 2020, Shanxi wind power, photovoltaic, coal-bed methane power generation installed capacity respectively, and 18 million-kilowatt and 7 million-kilowatt, a new energy industry is gradually breaking the previous structure of single coal-fired power station in Shanxi province, as its energy industry innovation and beautiful landscape.

Original title: Shanxi energy industry innovation aimed at “low carbon + green”

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