Taiwan reservoir solar power plant opposed

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan power company and the Taiwan water Corporation sign MOU on 30th, was going to two reservoirs in the South unit were floating on the water of the 5,000kW solar power system, but ruin the landscape and water security worries, makes plans to meet with opposition. Meanwhile, there are many floating solar systems completed Taiwan quite such solar project development divisions.

Economy Ministry said it would suspend lake water solar installations

Electricity and water said in Chiayi in Taiwan lantan reservoirs, two reservoirs such as Lake reservoir in Kaohsiung to develop floating solar system, total appliance target 5,000kW. Elected opposition, such a move could undermine the reservoir recreation function of landscape, people, may also affect water safety, calling for Government priorities such as Wanda sedimentation reservoir to applied.

In this regard, the Economic Minister Li Shiguang has said Lake will be excluded from the first phase of the inventory list, but the analysis further lantan. He also stressed that the plan has set the landscape into account, even if laying of panels, the area is no more than 2% of the reservoir area.

Economic planning water solar systems in a facility of the Department, to 2 years up to 150MW; reservoir raised concerns, basin, farm pond and other water spaces will remain actively engaged. And tender, will pay special attention to the overall landscape designs and features, and so on.

Grandpa shop system built in, Peony, brine, saddle dam reservoir to warm up

Although Lake solar project was called back to vote for the time being, but Taiwan is still a floating solar systems completed. Taiwan’s first floating solar system located on a flood detention pools Tawu in Pingtung d, unit 499kW, opened in February this year, also local programmes shangxudong environmental technology companies.

Taiwan due to the effects of climate change, reservoirs, basin water level variation also form of setting up this solar system’s biggest challenge. Referring to Japan and the United Kingdom and other international experience reflected in waters set the solar system, not only can the effective utilization of space, but also water conservation, power generation will increase because of the cooling effect, killing several. Taiwan also in wholesale purchase scheme in 2017 to join the water’s purchase price of the solar system.

In August, the Ministry of economy Department of water resources in the Southern District Council completed the floating solar power station bidding of the Grandpa shop reservoir and e Asia energy bids. The case is expected to be completed by the end of June next year 2.3MW, and completed by the end of 2018 5MW total amount of devices. When completed, is expected to produce 6.6 million a year. Grandpa shop reservoir water level variation is small, strong sunshine, and flood control facility there are two, very suitable for setting floating solar panels.

Government to further promote such systems, has been held in August as the Mudan reservoir in Pingtung-floating systems and dam slope under discussion with the two systems. Besides Peony reservoir, saddle dam reservoir, saline reservoir has a water power station project.

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