The Internet giant marriage of new energy

Polaris solar PV net news: compared with traditional energy sources, new energy with less pollution, large reserves, wide distribution and so on. Now, global attention, more and more of the new energy, new energy use is also becoming more and more common. The International Energy Agency (IEA) 2000-2030 international power demand studies have shown, new energy generation annual growth the fastest. Now, the boom in the development of new energy, outside a giant Internet companies also are turning to new energy fields.

Changes: a new global energy industry employment is increasing

In the context of transformation of the global energy, new sources of competitive advantage is more and more obvious. In recent years, the solar panels are getting cheaper, converted into energy efficiency and higher. In a place with abundant wind resources, even in the absence of subsidies, wind power is very cost competitive advantage. In some areas, wind power is cheaper than using fossil fuels can be achieved. New technology is concerned, “distributed” was substituted for “centralized”, “matrix” was substituted for “single point”, enterprises engaged in energy development and utilization of individual, goals may only meet near the region’s energy needs.

In 2015, the new energy investment worldwide into a hot state. The end of March this year, the United Nations Environment Programme and other institutions, according to a new report released last year, the global new energy sector investments amounted to $285.9 billion, set a new 2011 annual investment record of $278.5 billion. Rapid development of new energy, but also create more jobs. International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said in a report a few days ago, global new energy industry employment is rising.

United States, for example, in 2015, the solar industry employees for the first time over oil and gas exploration industry. Solar industry added jobs employment in all other industries as much as 12 times.

: Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other Giants have layout of new energy sector

Apple’s environmental Vice President Lisa Jackson revealed at the Conference this spring, 93% of the company’s global operations, have been dependent on sustainable energy.

“Climate change is one of the urgent challenges, now is the time for action. “Apple CEO Cook said, not only to use clean energy, should also gradually help your supply chain can use clean energy. It should be said that apples have a soft spot for new energy projects.

Bill Gates’s focus on new energy for a long time, on November 30 last year, opening day of the Paris Summit, by Bill ˙ Bill Gates, 27 technology from around the world, Internet, industry and the investment community’s business leaders was jointly set up in Paris and the University of California Energy breaking the Union.

This is a global coalition of private investors, aimed at providing mankind with affordable, reliable energy, near-zero carbon emissions. And as early as 2014, Microsoft’s purchase of renewable energy, more than Apple. Microsoft, in addition to buying green energy, also announced this year to work with CommonwealthofVirginia and DominionVirginiaPower, brings a lot of solar energy for Virginia residents. In November this year Microsoft announced that it has signed two wind power project agreement, total will buy 237 megawatts of wind power, making Microsoft in United States investments of more than 500 megawatts of wind power projects.

Social network Facebook announced, will invest 500 million dollars in United States Texas Fort Worth to build a large data center, it depends entirely on wind power. Within three years, all of Facebook data center, half of the energy consumption will depend on green energy. Facebook and Citigroup energy, Starwood energy, Alterraa the power companies and other enterprises, provide the wind power.

Google since 2007, spent hundreds of millions of dollars in wind power, solar energy, geothermal power and other areas to test the waters. Google recently said it was buying enough renewable energy to cover the next year, the company’s global electricity consumption. Google’s global infrastructure and energy Director, Gary ˙ Damasi said that in 2010, Google signed its first long-term renewable energy agreement, reached 19 after similar deals, making it the largest buyer of renewable energy. Trends: energy technology development will rely more and more on data and Internet

According to reports, the more Internet companies cut into the energy of the Internet is through the provision of technical services. February 2015, the AutoGrid and Microsoft cooperate to AutoGrid energy based data platform, makes MicrosoftAzure cloud platforms service power and energy companies. Analysts believe that Internet companies interested in marriage with the energy industry, the most important reason is that in order to seize market opportunities, “Internet +” age, “the Internet + energy” the huge market of course is envious of the fat.

Experts say that compared with other traditional industries, Internet companies in the revolutionary era of energy production and consumption, and indeed have a more acute sense of touch and the ability to integrate better.

The Internet is changing the way we live, travel and communication,, micro-grid distributed generation and energy storage technology matures, it will soon change the way people use Internet are certainly not miss out on this new development area.

Global large certification and energy professional institutions DNV-GL CEO DitlevEngel in speech Shi said, next of ten years in the, energy technology of development will will is unprecedented have fast, and these technology will increasingly rely on Yu data and interconnected, will has many new products, and technology, and will appeared many industry new of competitors, also will requirements we to has many of innovation, to has new of thinking way.

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