United States residents of rooftop PV 44 by third parties

Polaris solar PV net news: end of September 2016, United States distributed photovoltaic (rooftop PV, of less than 1 MW) installed capacity has reached 12.3GW. From the rooftop PV “property rights” perspective, the United States rooftop PV has three types: live (business) to raise funds to install; installation of electric power enterprises; third parties (thirdparty).

These third parties are generally private developers, rental property owners of roof-mounted PV power generation and provide electricity to household income. In the United States totals 12.3GW distributed PV installed capacity, of which 30% (3.7GW) are represented by “third parties” (thirdparty). The breakdown for third parties in rooftop PV’s higher proportion of households, to 44%; and the proportion of third parties in commercial rooftop PV is only 11%.

United States residents of rooftop PV 44% by

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United States residents of rooftop PV 44% by “third parties”!

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