2016 global investment decline 32

Polaris solar PV net news: Bloomberg new energy finance (BNEF) released its annual clean energy fund data showed global investment fell to $116 billion, decreased by 32%.

Less than 1 MW photovoltaic power plant investment fell 28% per cent of the total US $40 billion. The investment decline was mainly due to cheaper systems, rather than distributed solar investment decreases.

BNEF estimates that solar photovoltaic projects built last year 70GW, 20% over the levels by 2015.

Following the upsurge of global PV installed capacity are running so high in the first half, China slowing sharply in the second half. BNEF also pointed out that the China-Japan faced power problems.

After years of investment, China and Japan are controlling the building of new large projects, turning to digest their projects has been put into production.

Chinese Government’s current focus on investment power and reform of the electricity market, renewable energy reach its full potential. In Japan, future growth will not come from utility-scale projects, but from consumers to install rooftop solar systems, this system is more and more attracted by the benefit of self consumption of the economy.

Solar industry faces problems not confined to Asia. BNEF also noted that many developing countries in the year 2016 are cut clean energy investments, because many projects to obtain financing by the end of the auction. (Compiled/Tina)

Original title: 2016 global investment decline 32%

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