2016 photovoltaic power generation project in Ningxia for the record

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to autonomous regions Government Office on issued PV Park power station project resources configuration guide views and PV power station project record and construction management approach of notification, and autonomous regions development reform Board on issued 2016 I district PV power station project competitive configuration pilot approach of notification, I Board will on 12 home signed PV power station supporting industry project advance cooperation agreement enterprise of PV power station project handle record procedures. 2016-I photovoltaic project filing notice is as follows:

Project record file is intended as a complete project land, forest land, the basis of environmental protection and other related procedures. According to PV in 2016 I area competitive allocation of assessment results, the top 6 get the annual construction target, 6 as the backup after the project. If Qian 6 name in June 30, 2017 Qian PV power project built and supporting industry project can meet Quartet agreement about requirements of, Hou 6 name enterprise of PV project record file automatically void; if Qian 6 name in June 30, 2017 Qian supporting industry project cannot meet Quartet agreement about requirements of, its annual construction scale index automatically void, will by scored ranking extended to other meet conditions of enterprise. PV 6 enterprises after project without the annual scale indicator before the construction of the building, will run the risk of be included in the scope of additional subsidies for renewable, resulting in losses borne by the enterprise, enterprise has to make prudent decisions.

Hereby notice.

Ningxia Hui autonomous region, development and Reform Commission

The January 20, 2017


Table 2016 I PV power generation projects

2016-photovoltaic power generation project in Ningxia for the record

Original title: State development and Reform Commission on 2016-I notice photovoltaic project for the record

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