2016 PV the leading spirits raised

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2016, for the PV industry is significant, because after June 30 price cut, PV installing surge occurred nationwide in the first half, killed former PV installed capacity reached June 22 gigawatts over 2016 goal for the year 18.1 GW. Industry expected in China in 2016 new PV installed capacity could exceed 31 GW will continue to lead the global PV market.

These achievements and continuing, strong policy support. According to reporter incomplete statistics, in 2016, only supports the development of photovoltaic industry policy at the national level there are 14. All related support policies are in place everywhere. Overall, in this year, presents a State of dynamic development of the photovoltaic industry as a whole. Distributed PV development significantly accelerated pace, falling component costs, PV parity seems closer and closer to us.

Photovoltaic industry is a booming trend

PV installing surge in first half of directly promoting the development of domestic market of Silicon. For example, in the first half, only longi Silicon shares the main products and components to achieve substantial growth in sales, components of which shipped more than 2 gigawatts.

In addition, the “leader” large effects base on PV module market share. As in the “leader” base score, a very important criterion is the conversion efficiency of PV modules. Which requires silicon solar module conversion efficiency 17%. According to press reports, the overall level of domestic production of monocrystalline silicon production line of single crystal 80% of products can meet the above requirements, some companies even more than 90% products are standard. In June 2016, incorporation of Datong “leader” bases, for example: total 1016 megawatts of photovoltaic components. Among them, the silicon components 609 MW, 60% per cent.

It is clear that Crystal’s market share will expand gradually, means a huge market demand. To this end, in early 2016, longi shares with the city of Lijiang, Baoshan city, Yunnan province, signed a letter of intent in Chuxiong Prefecture, forming a total of 10 gigawatts of Silicon rods, Silicon intent; its subsidiaries in Central Inner Mongolia, central co intends to add 8 gigawatts of photovoltaic materials of single crystal silicon and monocrystalline silicon project.

In addition to Silicon, 2016 also have produced most of the polysilicon production enterprise with sales in the first half, even the phenomenon of short supply. Data show that 2016 1 in June, China poly silicon productions up to 95,000 tons, an increase of 28.4%, the main Enterprise gross profit rate above 20%.

Under the influence of the first half of the domestic market, other manufacturing sectors, there’s a similar situation. Figures showed China PV industry association in 2016, yield about 27 GW of PV modules in the first half, an increase of 37.8%. 42 components of which average capacity utilization ratio was 88.6%, up 9%.

Due to sharp increase in capacity utilization, coupled with technological innovations continued brought down costs, PV enterprises profit margins rose sharply in the first half. According to statistics, in first half of 2016, 38 photovoltaic module manufacturer’s net profit increase, average profit rate reached 5%, an increase of 3%. Longi shares exceeding 800 million Yuan profit the industry first.

Installing, after the third quarter, although many companies net profits declined, but still have a lot of higher sales revenue. Jinkosolar is an example, the company’s third-quarter earnings: solar product shipments to 1606 megawatts, an increase of 41.6%. Total revenue of 5.7 billion yuan, an increase of 39%.

Department statistics showed that by 2016 in the third quarter, China poly silicon production of 145,000 tons, an increase of nearly 30%, 7 over million tons of capacity. Module production 37 gigawatts, up 30%.

In General, under the policies of 2016 PV industry in China from the “export-led” transitional “domestically driven” mode. Under the in the PV industry, upstream polysilicon, Silicon link excess, prices fell sharply, leading enterprises in the strong stronger. Middle reaches of most solar cell, battery packs link thin, threshold is low, competition is still the leading enterprises of the world. Photovoltaic power plant construction and operation process and raw materials, the most lucrative, the nuggets became a stampede of capital.

Accelerated distributed PV development

In the “6˙30” after installing surge, although the PV installed capacity has fallen sharply in the third quarter, but short-term adjustment does not affect the long-term the momentum of development of the photovoltaic industry. According to statistics, the total PV installed capacity growth in the first three quarter of more than 100%.

2016 ground station in the first half, but after the August percentage of distributed PV accelerating. According to statistics from related departments, 2016-1 ~ October, distributed PV new installed capacity of 3.3 million-kilowatt, an increase of 45%.

2016 distributed PV new markets mainly in Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Shanghai and other Eastern regions.

August 2016, distributed PV accelerated development occurred in the Western region is an important cause of the serious phenomenon of abandoned light. Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission, according to the data provided, 2016-1 ~ October, Xinjiang, Gansu, abandon rate of 29%, 30%. Xinjiang in October left rates at 46%. In West China to abandon power without effective solving cases, PV eastward faster.

According to press reports, only in the first quarter of 2016, East China, central China, North China and the southern PV power installed totaled 25.6 million-kilowatt, exceeded that of North 23.64 million-kilowatt, which installed the larger province of Jiangsu, as at the end of November, distributed PV installed capacity reached 5.1977 million kW, becoming the largest distributed PV cumulative installed capacity of provinces.

In General, distributed PV installation on the roof, now, with the power station construction and the use of the sharp fall in the cost of the roof, rooftop photovoltaic industry scrambling to enter the market “Blue Ocean”. Development and construction of the largest photovoltaic power plant operator Concord new energy recently launched against the roof PV power station “Golden Roof” project, with the first batch of 18 provinces (municipalities) focus area. According to Qian Wei, Director of the company distributed business investment introduced only had in Suqian, Jiangsu haian, Yangzhou, Suzhou and started a total of 100 megawatts of rooftop projects.

In addition, there is Germany, apt, sea run, Elken, core base, and other companies also turned his investment focus distributed PV market.

Since 2016, distributed PV is the best news on December 26, released by the national development and Reform Commission on reducing new benchmark PV onshore wind power price notification (hereinafter referred to as the notice) clearly: distributed solar power subsidies does not adjust. Which will help to guide the optimization layout of PV industry and encourage the eastern region to develop distributed PV.

Insiders told reporters, although the present West power station, but small load, a lot of power need to delivery, the current downward pressure due to the economic increase effects, gradually reduce the demand for electricity in the East, Western electric power delivery would be further reduced. As the East itself is the load Center, development of distributed PV mass transportation is not a problem. Therefore, 2017 Department will meet with distributed PV development in the Middle East.

PV closer and closer to parity

On October 25, 2016, in wuhai in Inner Mongolia “leader” in the base bid, Yingli energy 0.45 Yuan/kWh of ultra-low-cost bid. The price below the current commercial price to make the trade shock.

Above the industry told reporters that for the PV industry, continuous progress of lower component costs, technical efficiency, and can change the price of PV industry and early achievement of parity. 2016 PV “leader” base pricing, and gradually lower the core or as component costs will be reduced. This has very important significance for promoting photovoltaic and cheap Internet access.

Reporter understand to, near ten years to, through technology innovation and scale development, China PV component of price from 10 years Qian each w near 50 Yuan around, Xia down to each w 4 Yuan around; PV inverse variable device price from 10 years Qian each w 2 Yuan around Xia down to 2 hair money around; whole PV system of price from 10 years Qian each w 60 Yuan around, Xia down to now each w 7 Yuan, corresponding of PV electric price declined has 76%.

“PV ultimate objective is parity, in fact, is improving the conversion efficiency of products and reduce costs. “Electro-electronic equipment group chairman Liu Jidong believes that PV power station equipment covers a lot, which is very important is battery, battery good, efficiency can be improved.

It is understood that the present monocrystalline silicon cell efficiencies of full commercialization of 20.5%, Si module is 18.

5%. Future in photovoltaic “leader” plan led by the PV cell conversion efficiency is bound to be further enhanced.

The circular clearly stated: after January 1, 2017, one to three categories of resources to create a new benchmark price of photovoltaic power stations than in 2016 respectively down 0.15 Yuan, 0.13 Yuan, 0.13 Yuan/kWh. Now gradually cut subsidies has become an indisputable fact in the industry, which makes photovoltaic business more clearly recognized, you must further reduce costs and improve efficiency, achieving parity at an early date.

According to the relevant Department, China poly silicon costs will be in the “Thirteen-Five” period dropped to $8/kg, in accordance with the price drop trend, probably in 2018-2019 can see the PV the dawn of cheap Internet access.

In 2016, China PV industry development success, but still faces many challenges. Abandoned power remains a serious problem, non-technical costs significantly higher, which erode the technological advances. In this regard, China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said, in 2017, China will speed up the survival of the fittest, accelerating integration of the photovoltaic industry restructuring strengthen international market development, increased enthusiasm for going out.

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