2016 year increase grid connected PV capacity in China probably broken more

Polaris solar PV net news: China PV in 2016, there is still a very significant growth. According to data released by China’s national energy administration, 2016 PV grew 81.6% in 2015 compared with many national cumulative PV also beat 77GW mark, continues to be the world’s first.

2016 year increase grid-connected PV capacity in China probably broken more than 77GW

At the end of 2015, China replaced Germany as the world’s highest cumulative amount of grid-connected PV country, its development continues and no one can. According to the National Energy Board on January 16, issued by the “national electric power industry statistics” in 2016, new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity reached 34.24GW, representing an increase of 2015 81.6%; cumulative PV also came to 77.42GW.

Than the “national electric power industry statistics” related information, grid-connected photovoltaic growth rate is the highest among all energy sources, followed by nuclear power, grid-connected content increases 23.8% addition to wind power, to 13.2% per cent a year in the third. Comparatively, new grid-connected capacity of thermal power stations and hydro annual increase of only 5.3% and 3.9%, respectively.

105GW is here

China’s national energy Administration set “Thirteen-Five” solar PV cumulative installed capacity during target-“105GW”, says it is only based on the target and not the limit, than in recent years but does not alleviate the abandoned power cuts that and subsidy distribution, device scale by 2020 will be accepted, is still unclear.

If a threshold of 105GW, 2017-2020 this 4 years than among the rest of the grid space 30GW, but China has made solar indicators-common ground-station index appended with the 18.1GW,2016 the end of the leader programmes about 6GW, PV 5.6GW on poverty reduction, is approaching the 30GW mark, and that have not yet joined the distributed PV.

China PV system will “Thirteen-Five” more than 105GW, which is now a certainty. The Chinese Government has, through the “Thirteen-Five” energy plan that will facilitate distributed PV to balanced regional development and photovoltaic power generation to reach parity in 2020, making PV transition away from dependence on subsidies, but how to ensure that the subsidy before the real issue with the stable growth of the industry, is the real problem lies.

Original title: 2016, China PV grid-connected years probably broken more than 77GW

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