Anhui Huainan Pan Sun photovoltaic company land Office for illegal construction

Arctic star solar PV network news: by check, October 2016 Huainan Pan Yang PV power limited (statutory representative people: Jiao Wenguang) occupied Panji district ancient ditch Hui CAI Temple village collective land for the company switch station project construction, the project has Huainan development and Reform Committee record (Huainan development reform Board on mud River 20WM fishing light complementary PV power project record of notification Huai sent modified approval (2016) 121th,), and through has Huainan land resources Council construction with to pre ( Pan Yang photovoltaic power plant, Huainan on NIHE 20MW Yue Kwong complementary set of photovoltaic power generation project in hotan Street 20MW 35KV substation Yue Kwong mutual complement photovoltaic power generation project construction land pre-trial comments and letters of famous land and capital letters (2016) 122th), land procedures are approved. For PV enterprise of particularity, requirements when took construction index, when built production, while Huainan Pan Yang PV power limited procurement of equipment nowhere store, long-term placed will caused serious destroyed, in this situation Xia, Huainan Pan Yang PV power limited in without any units either personal approved agreed began started construction, Huainan land resources Council has to its issued has ordered stop violations notice, November 11, 2016 filed survey.

Field surveys, the status in the territory of the ancient Gou Miao village, Hui CAI, North for arable land, East for sewage treatment plants, cultivated land in West, South Road, covering an type of paddy fields, covering an area of 3702.77 square meters, 763.4 square meters, in line with the ancient ditch Hui general plans.

Over the fact that interrogation, site survey notes, photos to prove it.

Party fails to make the statement, within the statutory time limit, hearings to be heard.

To sum up, Pan Yang, Huainan photovoltaic power generation limited (legal representative: Jiao Wenguang) unauthorized illegal land to build switching stations are in violation of the People’s Republic of China Law on land management article, 43rd, 44th of the rules and should be punished. According to the People’s Republic of China Law on land management article 76th and the People’s Republic of China regulations on implementation of the land management law article 42nd of Anhui provincial land and resource management systems and the imposition of administrative penalty discretion (trial) provides that the penalties are as follows:

1 Pan Yang photovoltaic power plant, Huainan, ordered to refund 3702.77 square meters of land illegally occupied within six months;

2 Pan Yang photovoltaic power plant, Huainan, confiscation of the buildings built on illegally occupied land 763.4 square and other facilities;

3, and a fine 55541 (illegal land 15 yuan per square meter).

Party should since received this administrative punishment decided book of day up 90 days within perform this decided; by fine punishment of must in received this administrative punishment decided book of day up 90 days within will fine pay to confiscated paragraph designed households, due not paid fine of, daily by fine amounts of 3% added at fine; on ordered deadline demolition of must in received administrative punishment decided book 15th within itself demolition, expires not prosecution and not itself demolition of, this organ will law application Court forced implementation.

Aggrieved by the penalty decision, can be received within 60 days of the date of this decision, Huainan city, according to law the people’s Government of Anhui provincial land and resources department apply for reconsideration or, or within 6 months of a people’s Court according to law. If no application for reconsideration, not prosecuted, nor performs the decision on punishment, the organ will apply to the people’s Court for compulsory execution.

The December 15, 2016

Original title: land and capital penalty written decision of administrative penalty-Huai (2016) No. 6028

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