Ban was acquired and a new show smiling technology adjusts the PV industry

Polaris solar PV net news: new third Board market has become a stock company gold fields. Dew smile transformation and upgrading of technology originally planned through assets reorganization, but now companies adjust their strategies to cash acquisitions, takeover target becomes a new Board company.

20th evening announcement displayed, due to new energy car industry policy occurred has several changes, dew laugh technology major assets restructuring standard of one of Shang haizhengyun new energy technology limited 2016 commitment performance of achieved exists larger uncertainty, company intends adjustment acquisition are Yun new energy of trading programme; by and trading other consultations, canceled on Jiangsu love more energy technology limited 100% equity acquisition, terminated the major assets restructuring.

Cancel the acquisition of much of energy, is a photovoltaic research and manufacturing industry as the core of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic systems design and development, production and sales. However, where a restructuring of at the same time, showing smiling technology announced an additional notice proposed cash bid Ding Yang, Jiangsu 100% Green power shares.

Inquiry found that Ding Yang energy power and love belong to an affiliated enterprise, Hu Deliang real controlling per capita. Ding Yang power is mainly engaged in photovoltaic power plant investment, development, construction and operation of the business in December 2015, officially the new ban, trading agreement, code 834719.

Ding Yang power its 2015 annual report, the company reported revenue of 26.0948 million, an increase of 779.53%; belongs to shareholders of a listed company’s net profit is 9.8951 million Yuan, an increase of 11019.9%. Results significant growth due, mainly due to Ding Yang power 16.5MW photovoltaic power plant project for the construction of the previous year, continued to power generation in 2015.

In terms of operating plans and objectives, Ding Yang electric power annual report, by the end of 2015, Ding Yang electric power total on line 32.32MW early 15.82MW.2016 increased over the previous year, Ding Yang otherwise 6MW distributed power grid, has access to the record permits under construction and planned power plants still have about 40MW; in addition, there are a number of other normal seeking or applying for a power plant project. In 2016, the company will have projects on the basis of the construction is completed, and then to increase the network into a number of distributed power project, and start a new one with a certain amount of power projects on the ground. The end of 2017, the company plans to build grid-connected distributed power plant scale of 80MW.

In addition, Ding Yang power in 2016 and began to operate the PV power plant general contracting business in the second half, Ding Yang approximately 120MW of solar power contractors total distributed power plant General Contracting building under construction, is expected to be completed in 2017-grid delivery. Meanwhile, Ding Yang power continues to explore other PV power plant general contracting business, currently under negotiation, and reserve general contracting business no less than 150MW. By a single power plant investment business development company for professional power plant investment, installation, operation and maintenance enterprises.

Based on an analysis of market demand, Ding Ding Yang Yang electric power has set up a subsidiary in Jiangyin hvy, expand power plants stand and other PV products business. Bracket except for their own company power station power station building, will also be active for sale, to expand the scale of sales, enhance the company’s overall profitability. Currently station stent business has begun production and management company, the company strives to 2017 station stent business to achieve sales of more than 50 million Yuan.

Ding Yang power acquisition announcement, prices have yet to be finalized. At present, Ding Yang power in order to integrate the company’s resources to further promote healthy, stable and rapid development of the company, the company has recently announced, decided to adjust the direction of business development, planning and long-term development objectives of the company. After careful consideration, the company intends to apply to the national share transfer system for SMEs listed stocks ending.

Showing smiling technology, transformation and upgrading of this acquisition is the company’s active phase “+ new industry of traditional industry” development strategy an important step in the two-wheel-drive. After the transaction is completed, the company will enter into the photovoltaic industry as a representative of the new energy industry, photovoltaic power plant investment, installation and operation is expected to be an important point of the future earnings of the company.

Original title: ban was acquired, and a new show smiling technology adjusts the PV industry layout

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