Distributed PV ushered in the annual household item return daikao

Polaris solar PV net news: the development trends of distributed PV from 2016 to discuss all the way into the year 2017. Due in 2016, the Government’s policy support, distributed PV will be 2017 as the new year in the industry, have high hopes for investment and financing.

Distributed PV ushered in the

“National PV industry in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu PV industry accounts for above 50% national 2016 new energy industry of Jiangsu Province achieved sales revenue of more than 400 billion, including photovoltaic industry sales of 280 billion. “A few days ago, in 2016 China PV industry annual meeting, Tang Xuewen, Director of Department of energy new energy in Jiangsu province said,” solar PV development is the core to improve technology and reduce price. But subsidies gap is large, affecting the normal investment income and investment initiative. ”

The end of 2016, solar energy development, national development and Reform Commission issued the “Thirteen-Five” plan clearly 2020 PV installed capacity of not less than 105GW, which distributed PV 60GW above. According to figures released before the National Energy Board, and by the end of 2015, China PV installed capacity up to 43.18GW, distributed PV is only 6.06GW, the next steps of distributed PV will be accelerated.

“Thirteen-Five has a very important idea is the development of renewable energy focus more on using nearest to dissolve, just take, distributed in full compliance with this principle, is the direction of future development. “Tang Xuewen stressed.

According to Trina solar sales Assistant Vice President Sun Ronghua produced data, incomplete statistics, 2016 supports the development of photovoltaic industry policy at the national level there are 14 articles, which distributed PV development significantly accelerated pace, “keywords are subsidies, leader, bidding, distributed with the household system. ”

On one hand, according to the statistics, 2016 1 in October, distributed PV new installed capacity of 3.3 million-kilowatt, an increase of 40%. Until the end of November, distributed in Jiangsu Province installed capacity reached 5.1977 million kW, becoming the largest distributed PV cumulative installed capacity of provinces. The other hand, distributed photovoltaic disposal light, power rationing remains a serious problem, non-technology to improve.

New energy investment group limited company Vice Chairman Han Qinghao said at the meeting: “adjust our strategy this year from large scale ground power plant conversion to distributed, large, ready to make 100,000 households because households are scattered, the target more challenging. ”

In the policy below, the small and medium enterprises have shot layout distributed PV. “Began to appear around Rob roof phenomenon, from Han can, GCL, Trina, Suntech, manufacturers in the layout. “Ray Lee new energy gold roofing Department Chief Zhang Yechun believes, the problem is from large-scale hydropower development to dispersion of small change,” original manufacturers can not adapt to the market, seeking to share like component is a very big problem. In the Internet age, abuse has closed the original pattern. ”

According to the statistics by the national grid by June 2016, State grid within the household PV cumulative installed 22627, rose 226%.

In respect of how to protect household distributed PV project proceeds, intelligent power engineer Wang Shujuan gives new dimension of a set of data.

“Investment residential distributed amount is actually very transparent form, inverter, total of how much money is there. Difference comes from electricity generation, local resources and price. “Wang Shujuan instructions by selected 18 sites throughout the country, covering the high latitudes, solar energy resources and price distribution according to most common household 3KW, 7.5 Yuan project cost estimates. Power generation in the region such as Hohhot, Golmud. Electricity prices, coupled with subsidies, Shanghai and Changchun are in the region.

Consensus is that, in ideal circumstances, no matter where in the country, the price of high or low price, good resource or resource poor, households with distributed project yields are above 10%, is higher than the current deposit interest rates, household distributed really is a better product.

But in the process of implementation, there are many factors that affect the capacity to reduce yields, such as poor quality of equipment, not properly installed and no OPS, poor site selection and design, and so on. Shujuan Wang stressed that “protection, and first of all to pay attention to safety to prevent accidents such as fires, roofs ripped; strict control of PV system components and quality, and refined design, improve the effective index of the power plant. ”

Original title: distributed PV ushered in the “annual” household item return daikao

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