Energy development Thirteen Five planning 2020 size of distributed PV 60 million

Polaris solar PV net news: January 17 the energy development of the National Energy Board website “Thirteen-Five” officially issued the plan, aimed at advancing the energy revolution, efforts to promote energy production and use patterns change, building clean low carbon, secure and efficient access to modern energy systems.

Planning of overall objectives, total energy consumption control in less than 5 billion tons of standard coal, up to 4.1 billion tons of total coal consumption control. Expected to 6.8~7.2 trillion kWh electricity consumption of the whole society. Energy self-sufficiency rate above 80% to enhance energy security strategy to protect and enhance energy efficiency, improve the level of clean alternative sources of energy.

Solar energy, planning, pointed out that to adhere to technical progress, reduce costs, expand markets, improve the system. Optimization of solar energy development, giving priority to the development of distributed PV, expand the “PV +” pluralism, promoting photovoltaic development. Steadily “three North” area of PV power station construction, actively promote the development of industrialization of solar-thermal power generation. Establishment of abandoned light warning assessment mechanism, effectively reducing the PV power station abandoned rate.

In 2020, the solar power of more than 110 million kilowatts, distributed PV 60 million-kilowatt, photovoltaic power plant, solar thermal power generation 5 million-kilowatt, photovoltaic power generation and strive to implement user-side parity.

Vigorously develop clean energy in rural areas. Take effective measures to promote the rural areas of solar, wind, small hydro, agricultural and forestry waste, farm waste, geothermal and other renewable energy development, promotion of clean energy in rural areas, speed up the heating and electricity in rural areas instead. Encourages distributed photovoltaic power generation combined with agricultural development, and vigorously promote the use of solar water heaters, small wind, and small-scale energy facilities, rural diversification of energy supply, promote the construction of green village.

Focus on the implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation, completed 2 million document state card poor construction of photovoltaic projects.

Energy development Thirteen-Five planning: 2020-size of distributed PV 60 million-kilowatt PV 45 million-kilowatt

Original title: Thirteen-Five energy development planning: 2020-size of distributed PV 60 million-kilowatt PV 45 million-kilowatt

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