Energy Thirteen Five planning published clean energy will become the largest

Polaris solar PV net news: on January 5, the National Energy Board releases the energy development “Thirteen-Five” renewable energy development plan and the “Thirteen-Five” plan (the “plan”). Planning for the next five years China’s energy consumption has made overall arrangements, to estimate non-fossil energy and gas consumption increases of coal increases 3 times more than doubled, accounting for 68% per cent of total energy consumption increases.

National energy Bureau Deputy Director Li Angzhe said at the press conference, the “Thirteen-Five” period, increasing its share of non-fossil energy consumption to more than 15%, natural gas consumption and strive to reach 10%, coal consumption is reduced to below 58%. “Clean and low-carbon energy would be ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ during the increment of energy supply. “He said.

“As the subject of a clean energy future incremental, wind, solar and natural gas development is the future of energy consumption structure change of the hand. “Han Wenke, said Director of the Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission.

The afternoon of January 5, the State Council issued the “Thirteen-Five” integrated work programme of energy saving and emission reduction, in addition to the control of energy consumption remained beyond the 500,000 tons, the main emissions are made specific provisions.

As the energy consumption structure change of hand, relevant policies to support nature. Since last October, intensive National Energy Board issued a series of documents, specific industry segments around the renewable energy and support policies were introduced one by one.

Natural gas, struggling with weak growth and relative monopolistic market structure since 2016, the National Energy Board and the national development and Reform Commission also issued a file system mechanism reform of natural gas. But starting in 2015 and 2016, overall progress, incremental gas consumption is not going well.

Energy planning has always thought

The plan, still puts the total energy consumption and intensity of the dual control, followed the previous file has been planning the caliber.

The planning requirements by 2020 control in less than 5 billion tons of standard coal in total energy consumption. Also, from an average annual growth rate, “Thirteen-Five” in total energy consumption is expected to rise by about 2.5%, “Twelve-Five” by 1.1%.

“With the economic and social development has entered a ‘ new normal ‘, energy consumption growth will gradually slow” Han Wenke described. He said 2.5% growth is expected, while the annual average growth compared to the first cut 1%-2%, for annual 3.6%-4.8%.

And before the release of the planning, one in 2014 as a “Twelve-Five” to “Thirteen-Five” the transition guidance document on the development of energy–the energy development strategy action plan (2014-2020), one of the plan and the plan, in terms of total consumption and consumption structure of access on the key requirements.

Plan required in 2020 will be about total energy consumption at 4.8 billion of standard coal, and coal consumption within a 62% control. Two-phase comparison, total energy consumption increase, but the proportion of coal consumption requirements more stringent, this requires starting from 2016, increase in energy consumption each year, more borne by the relatively cleaner natural gas and renewable energy.

Also test the wisdom of regulatory policy goals after the “Twelve-Five” plan there were requirements of natural gas consumption in the year 2015 at 240 billion cubic meters, but in fact there were only 194 billion cubic meters.

“Forces into full play in the preparation of the planning, organizing all research and demonstration of this in terms of the community, after a full and wide-ranging consultation process,” He Yongjian, Deputy Director of the energy Bureau of development planning Division said. “This target of development in line with the current situation of social development, in line with China’s national conditions, stage of development, is feasible. ”

According to the Department of energy projections from the energy intensity, current planning goals completed can also reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP 15%, 18% unit GDP carbon emission reduction requirements, but also have a certain room for indicators is feasible.

Meanwhile, in the context of air pollution, coal consumption was put forward higher requirements, forcing more clean energy development. “To achieve the 15% of non-fossil energy development goals, require non-fossil energy 230 million tons of standard coal, and natural gas consumption target of 10%, clean-energy consumption increase accounted for more than 70% of the total incremental energy consumption, increase of the remaining needed coal to fill, to maintain current consumption levels. “He said.

Seeking increased natural gas easily

In the preparation of the plan, natural gas consumption in 15% after the share of non-fossil energy consumption, the proportion of only 10%, the world average (24%), still less than half. Despite the great potential for growth, but this clean energy in China has encountered many difficulties.

“In 2014, our natural gas has maintained very high growth, benefiting from the economic development, and before that for more than a year of double-digit growth. “China National Petroleum economic and technological research institute expert Dan Weiguo told the 21st century business Herald reporter,” after 2014 because of the global energy prices and domestic economy into the new normal, changes in patterns of consumption of natural gas, resulted in natural gas consumption problems. ”

To address these problems, in the two years from 2015 to 2016, especially since this year, the State released several intensive reform policies related to natural gas, to “let go of two control center” reform policy of natural gas pipeline in the middle of links provided.

While in the downstream, at the end of 2015 open for users (other than fertilizer enterprises) price of natural gas Gate Station in 2016, and the opening up of fertilizer prices of enterprises valve stations, Fujian province, at the end of 2016 to implement market-oriented gas price pilot.

But in the case of policy is so intensive support, 176.4 billion cubic metres of natural gas as of end of November 2016 total consumption, consumption 19.3 billion cubic meters in November alone, growth of 7% and 6.3% respectively, experts is expected in 2016 the annual consumption of about 210 billion cubic meters, according to this calculation, natural gas accounted for all the energy gain will not be too great.

According to the current less than 6% to calculate the proportion of, want to achieve 2020 the proportion of 10% the need for an annual increase of about 1%. “At this speed is, (by 2020) achieved a ratio of 10% is really hard. “A natural gas industry told reporters.

Renewable energy breakthrough

Renewable clean energy increment current as an important starting point, take the Government “general expectation”. In the planning of its renewable energy development indicator, horizontal contrast regardless of the amount or speed is the world’s first.

On October 28 last year, introduced within two months of intensive biomass development, electric power, wind power, hydropower, solar energy, renewable “Thirteen-Five plan”.

However, the power stored energy as a very large economy, its production and consumption must be at the same time, this requires closely matching power ends and the production side, and power end with end of production in electricity demand and adjusting their level of power load.

Meanwhile, China’s wind power solar energy (Northwest) and hydropower (southwest) concentration areas are often not power mainly to dissolve, so “Twelve-Five” of the area due to large-scale construction during wind, light, and electricity appeared large areas of abandoned.

“National requirements until the end of 2020 installed capacity reaching more than 110 million kilowatts of solar power, this is the expectation of new energy industry development,” said Zhang Haobin, Haiyang energy Vice, “Although technically, costs, financing or face a lot of problems, but the prospects are extremely good. ”

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