First quarter of 2017 micro grid and off grid PV Market Outlook

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the industry’s most noteworthy activities are: the two focused on the African market private equity investments “paid” home photovoltaic solar energy companies, which have gradually been more seen as a new type of infrastructure investment. Meanwhile, energy storage systems vendors are also actively led the integration of micro-grid Africa supply energy storage solutions.

The past few months, off-grid company’s market fundamentals look pretty good. In early 2016, recovered and gradually stabilize world oil prices. Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Pakistan in key markets such as the currency was stable against the dollar, but appeared to be a certain currency devaluations in Ethiopia and Nigeria.

Our rough estimate since January 2015, these new small-scale photovoltaic capacity in emerging economies (<1MW) is about 1.4-2GW. Pakistan and Nigeria are among the world's largest solar market. January 2016, the total imports to China the two countries are each worth $276 million and $23 million of photovoltaic modules and batteries, far exceeding the total requirements of the local power plant project planning. Note that the above data do not include integrated or "plug and play" solar system sales.

According to data GOGLA, first half of 2016, brand sales hit an all-time high of solar lights, up to about 4.3 million units in 2015, representing a level over the same period increased by 48%. Due to the solar light in a large East African market sales are still subject to ordinary lamps at low prices squeeze, India for solar lights make a greater contribution to growth.

At present, some of the larger “pay as you use” family of PV systems have attracted at least two focused on African markets, private-equity firms. The fourth quarter of last year, the two companies have to Mobisol and LumosGlobal companies with investments of more than $60 million. The two companies sold “pay as you use” photovoltaic solar energy systems are larger than in similar products. Lumos also started working closely with the mobile phone operator MTN. The future may have more telecom operators will use its own distributed PV sales network to sell products.

Now, with donors and development banks investments relative to the size of these private equity investments is still rather limited. The Asian Development Bank has announced that it will be to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, to provide $1.1 billion loan, supporting the development of distributed energy resources, which included 325 million dollars to Pakistan’s off-grid electrification projects.

In addition, microgrids, storage companies and regulators also began to prepare for widespread deployment of PV systems. Nigeria’s draft legislation is expected to eliminate some of the biggest obstacles facing this type of investment, but the details were not disclosed.

Key data

► $3 billion

2016 years 9 months, Chinese exports to the emerging markets of photovoltaic and solar module has accumulated to us $3 billion.

► 142 million

First half of 2016, brand sales for off-grid solar lighting Kit for $142 million


Since April last year, emerging markets, micro-grid PV projects announced capacity to 21MW

Original title: first quarter of 2017: micro-grid and off-grid market Outlook

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