Four key PV projects selected in 2017 Shanxi province project list

Arctic star solar PV network news: recently, Shanxi Province Government website announced has 2017 years province focus project list, total 175 items, which industry transformation project 109 items, covers high-end equipment manufacturing, and energy-saving environmental, and new information technology, and biological industry, and materials, and new energy, and new energy car, strategic industries, technology advanced, products added value high, market prospects good, led led role strong; based facilities, field project 66 items, early work mature, investment scale larger, Make landmark project in Shanxi province.

Excerpt relating to PV project are as follows:

1, high-end equipment manufacturing

1-01-004 Shanxi jinzhong 2000 MW of photovoltaic technology limited liability company heterostructures high efficiency monocrystalline cells and component projects

2, the new energy

1-06-001 PV technologies lead the base of yangquan coal mining subsidence (bundled)

1-06-002, ruicheng County Nong Guang complementary PV leads the technology base

1-06-003 ordinary photovoltaic power plant (30) (binding)

Following is the full text:

General Office of the people’s Government of Shanxi province on 2017 issued notification of provincial key projects

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