From 1 2GW small road to explore fine operation of PV

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) if PV power station 25-year life cycle of the input and recycling groups, early construction of the power plant siting, design, equipment selection and investment, which accounted for only six months or so. Late utility receipts obtained through plant shipped weilai, for more than 20 years, photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance the importance is obvious.

Hit by the PV on-grid prices, more and more owners start photovoltaic operation and maintenance to optimize power plant, increase generating capacity, operations then ushered in the development of the market. First half of 2016, new PV installed capacity exceeds domestic 22GW, cumulative installed capacity breakthrough 63GW, photovoltaic operation and maintenance (data + maintenance) costs accounted for power station 1%, to cost 7.2/w to calculate PV power station, operation cost about 0.072/w, operations exceeded 4 billion yuan market scale.

Market under positive, photovoltaic operation performance is also doing well. According to Qingdao Sanas intelligent technology Corporation introduced, by the end of 2016, Sanas total PV power plant operation and maintenance 1.2GW, practical controls access amounted to 2GW, Sanas 1.2GW operation and maintenance capacity is called the target, behind small targets, is the development of operations enterprises market to develop.

PV of “transport” and “dimensions”

In recent years, with the goal of development of photovoltaic operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic industry is constantly changing. 2009-2013 “Golden Sun” project, photovoltaic operation and maintenance most stays in the checking equipment in good condition, wipe boards primary stage of 2013-2015, based on kilowatt photovoltaic operation and maintenance to the power station was opened under the subsidy income phase from 2015 onwards, photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance more seeking refinement, plant asset management.

PV-the initial stage of operation, operation means more single, maintenance mainly cleaning components, inspection station and so on. At the time, cleaning the panels take more manual cleaning not only trouble trouble, increased labor costs. Photovoltaic operation and maintenance company, the traditional manual or semi-automatic cleaning mechanical cleaning costs about 2-2.50,000//10MW. Inspection of photovoltaic power station is a major project, especially the scale of hundred megawatt power station in Northwest China, took almost 1 month, if your device requires repair replacement, operation time will be extended further, photovoltaic generating capacity will be greatly reduced.

The past two years, “the Internet +” further catalytic, photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance towards intelligent occurred PV cleaning robot, unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced equipment. PV enterprises adopted operation mode is also more diversified, the emergence of a simple monitoring system, inverters and other devices to provide solutions, as well as from the beginning of construction of the power station involved, provides power monitoring, maintenance and other integrated services model, operational enterprises is related to equipment, software, communications and other fields.

Sanas from 2010 to enter the field of PV, 6 years to conform to the PV market changing, gradually forming a photovoltaic power plant lifecycle management system, covering the siting of PV power station, power station equipment, power station construction and power plant after the completion of the monitoring, inspection and maintenance, and so on, through online and offline interaction patterns, management of the power station.

In complex terrain and difficult to achieve in the operation and maintenance inspection inspection frequency, manual inspection blind spot became a hotbed of power failure. In this regard, Sanas r ordered unmanned to complete the inspection work. Not long ago, Sanas self-developed UAV has completed all of the annual inspection of the power station. Sanas staff, the drone patrol component a total 1GW, a case study of Qingdao local solar project 40MWp, patrol lasted 7 days, higher than the average efficiency of manual inspection 300% (40MW power manual inspection normally take approximately 30 days). In future, Sanas drones patrol from the pilot phase formally entered into the normal inspection.

From 1.2GW small road to explore fine operation of PV

Sanas drones patrol

Fine photovoltaic operation and maintenance how to do?

Power plant owners increasingly high demands for meticulous management in power plant, photovoltaic power plant operations also need to be more detailed. Such as operation and maintenance of the current operational market process is difficult to control, and operations teams are not professional, operational effectiveness difficult to quantify problems such as restricted operation market developments hinder power plant fine management.

For above industry pain points, Sanas take double sector checks and balances management mode, through tube Control Department and shipped dimension Department mutual checks and balances, shipped dimension Department according to project points concentrated type and the distributed shipped dimension, and each project in programme approached and implementation process in the are has specifically of technology group constantly followed up; tube Control Department to drop this increase for principles, under system, and security and the cost tube control, using independent development of monitoring operation platform on shipped dimension Department implementation periodic supervision check, developed standard and urged implementation, maximum reduced shipped dimension process in the of security risk, Ensure proper compliance.

Transition from traditional people-oriented mode of operation to supplement to human intelligence operations, operations staff is indispensable but flawed to some extent, the improper operation of the operations staff will affect the result of photovoltaic operation and maintenance. Currently industry operations enterprise related operation and maintenance manuals and management standards to regulate the PV power plant operation and maintenance processes.

Sanas staff, Sanas intelligent power plant equipments no blind spot in data acquisition, monitoring, visualization video operation. And to regulate the matter of content inspection, inspection, a standardized template for all operations staff to check and clear inspection of the content, avoid omissions.

From 1.2GW small road to explore fine operation of PV

Photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance based on safe, according to reports, Sanas from 2011 establishment operation and maintenance team of the early professional safety training and exercises, and by 2016, has established a set of mature security control system and set up security posts, plant safety, safety training, safety audits, technical support, remote diagnosis are given better support. By the end of 2016, a total of 384 organizational security training, security 162 times, training covers transformers, switching processes, emergency simulation exercises, personnel electric shock, fire safety drills.

From 1.2GW small road to explore fine operation of PV

Recently, the State development and Reform Commission issued a document, January 1, 2017, new benchmark PV prices fall further, three resource areas prices were 0.65 and 0.75 0.85 Yuan per kilowatt hour, which means that our PV step closer to parity, but also means that the earnings power plant owners would be hit.

Photovoltaic operation enterprise, opportunity and challenge of 2017. Sanas officials say, 2017 Sanas in operations management, safe operation, leading technology, power generation efficiency and four deep, for power plant owners benefits continue to escort.

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