Germany KfW restart PV energy subsidies

Polaris solar Reuters: Germany KfW (KfW) announced in Germany to restart the solar + energy subsidies. The Bank currently has Germany won the money the Ministry of economy, will soon begin processing applications for the project.

Germany KfW restart PV + energy subsidies

KfW implementation of subsidy programmes have encountered difficulties last year, dragged on until March commenced, in just 7 months out of funds for the full year. Last October, the funds dried up, KfW had to shelve the subsidy program.

Industry experts expected in 2017 will face shortage of funds. Subsidy commitments have reached 11.5 million euros this year, but reserve funds of only 30 million.

Last year, the KfW loans approved 6500 PV+ storage system, amounting to € 150 million. About 5700 for battery and PV combinations, of which 800 are used in energy storage on modification of existing plant.

Starting from this year, subsidies have been reduced to 19%, and again after six months dropped to 16%.

Original title: Germany Development Bank to restart the solar + energy subsidies

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