Hebei Chengde province village PV power plant acceptance and regulatory procedures

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For specification village level PV power project management, guarantees project engineering power technology index and the security protection measures in place, and meet access grid about technology requirements, according to province NDRC, 9 Department door on active advance village level PV poverty power station (containing households with) construction of guide views (Ji Fa modified energy (2016) 1201th,) and I city related policy requirements, now will developed of village level PV poverty power station acceptance and regulatory approach issued to you, please pursuant to implementation.

Chengde County people’s Government Office

The December 16, 2016

Chengde village PV power plant acceptance and regulatory approaches for poverty alleviation (for trial implementation)

Chapter I General provisions

First article for further strengthening village level PV poverty power station project construction, and shipped dimension management, promote project timely production using, long-term stable run, as soon as possible play PV poverty power station benefits, according to national development and Reform Committee, and State poverty development led Group Office, five sector on implementation PV power poverty work of views (sent modified energy (2016) No. 621,), and Hebei province development and Reform Committee, 9 Department door on active advance village level PV poverty power station (containing households with) construction of guide views (Ji Fa modified energy [2016]1201) document, these measures are formulated.

Second County development and reform Bureau is organization and management of village PV power plant project for poverty alleviation Department. County of poverty alleviation and Development Office, agriculture and animal husbandry Bureau, Finance Bureau, power companies and other County departments are responsible for the management of the project’s completion.

Article III was established by the County development and reform Bureau, poverty alleviation and Development Office, agriculture and animal husbandry Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the national land agency, the Audit Bureau, environmental protection agency and supply branch, and other departments of village PV power station joint working group on poverty reduction, responsible for project oversight, inspection, and so on.

Chapter II scope of acceptance and the basis

Fourth in the village PV power plant construction projects for poverty alleviation, content in accordance with approved design documents complete, with acceptance criteria for acceptance should be organized.

Article fifth acceptance basis. Approved documents such as registration, construction, equipment purchase, PV power generation projects acceptance criteria and associated project modifications, adjustments, changes files, and so on.

Chapter acceptance criteria

Article sixth of village-level poverty alleviation station main and auxiliary facilities has been completed according to the design requirements for public, meet the needs of engineering; power plants using photovoltaic modules, inverters and other major equipment and supporting facilities and commissioning by qualified and meet the design requirements.

Article seventh poverty at the village level power stations completed as designed, properly used, conform to the design, construction and acceptance specification and associated acceptance criteria.

Fourth chapter acceptance procedures

Article eighth according to the plant’s size, complexity, and photovoltaic power plant acceptance for poverty alleviation at the village level can be divided into the preliminary acceptance and final acceptance was conducted in two phases.

Build larger, more complex projects, should be conducted before preliminary acceptance and acceptance of the completed project.

Smaller, simpler projects, once and for all the project’s acceptance.

Nineth preliminary acceptance. Construction scale to build larger, more complex projects completed and trial operation, acceptance criteria, project legal person in accordance with the approved design documents and other relevant documents, organization design, construction units and the relevant departments to conduct preliminary acceptance of project design, construction, equipment quality and used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of investment, forming the preliminary acceptance. According to preliminary acceptance of views, on issues identified for rectification.

Tenth, prepared a variety of technical documentation, drawing completion drawings. Construction projects (including each single engineered) prior to acceptance, all the parties involved all the technical documentation should be systematized, classified by the legal filing, unified storage, while according to the relevant regulations of the State archives administration.

11th the compilation of final accounts. Before project completion acceptance the acceptance formalities, must clean up all assets, preparation of the final accounting, and analysis () is implementation, assessment results, the financial sector review and audit by the Audit Department, shall not be applied for acceptance.

Section 12th for final acceptance. Project legal person after the completion of such work, timely completion application to County development and reform Bureau. Final acceptance of applications the main contents of the report should include:

(A) construction

1. project approval basis, construction scale.

2. the design, including the design, design, design, design approval, a major design change.

3. the construction, including construction, construction progress, event recording, and so on.

4. Design estimates, the total budget needed for the completion and commissioning of fixed assets and its composition.

(B) project readiness, including organizational structure, training of personnel, raw materials, water, electricity and equipment maintenance and safety technology readiness.

(C) the project quality assessment.

(Iv) the commissioning of the project.

(E) the grid access, audit and other special acceptance of concluding observations.

(F) the analysis of the investment effect.

13th organization acceptance

Final acceptance of the joint working group is responsible for county-wide village-level solar power station for poverty alleviation for acceptance, its main tasks are:

(A) review of the project acceptance, delivery requirements are met;

(B) completion report to the consideration by the project owner (including annexes), organized the transfer of fixed assets and delivery of formalities;

(C) check the construction, validation design, construction quality;

(D) the audited final accounts;

(E) examination test run, safety precautions, and meet the requirements grid-related technologies, to establish an official delivery date;

(Vi) unfinished project, approved finish date, the construction unit for completion. The main issues raised in the final acceptance of, or put forward views to make treatment decisions. Unqualified acceptance of the project may not be delivered;

(G) through the identification of acceptance and signing acceptance certificates.

The fifth chapter project supervision

Article 14th project operation and maintenance. Village-level photovoltaic power station taken for poverty alleviation “was built, tubes,” mechanism of combination of operation and maintenance. Village Committee is responsible for the management of village PV power plant for poverty alleviation; successful professional operation enterprise is responsible for the management and operation of the power plant maintenance, periodic maintenance.

15th article project supervision management: County agricultural Mu Council, and sent modified Council is responsible for regularly scheduling village level power station run situation, help coordination solution grid run in the of specific problem; County power branch is responsible for construction village level PV poverty power station rural grid transformation upgrade, supervision village level power station operation situation, guide shipped dimension Enterprise do shipped dimension work, ensure poverty power station long-term stable running; County Finance is responsible for timely allocated national and provincial policy subsidies funds, regular allocated Enterprise shipped dimension fee, and regulatory shipped dimension fee of using ; Office of poverty alleviation and rural guide poor villages of village-level power management, poverty alleviation personnel selection, poor income distribution, and so on.

The sixth chapter supplementary articles

16th herein from the date of issuance of the implementation. This approach is inconsistent with the laws and regulations and the superior file, according to the laws and regulations and the superior file.

17th section is responsible for the interpretation of this approach by the County development and reform Bureau responsibility.

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