Hubei provincial energy Board on the construction of photovoltaic projects in

Polaris solar PV net news: the shennongjia forestry district, city, State, and city of straight pipe, development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), counties, municipalities and District Development Council (Department of energy):

According to the National Energy Board on the work of the 2017 energy requirements, in accordance with the actual scientific order advancing the 2017 solar power projects, and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

2016, the National Energy Board issued our province ordinary PV scale indicators and project progress

In 2016, the National Energy Board total issued ordinary index scale PV power station 1.8 million-kilowatt in our province, the province had been assigned through competitive selection method to 77 projects (e-energy new energy (2017), 4th), and to report to the National Energy Board approval. Throughout the development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) to supervise the project unit in accordance with the e-energy new energy (2017), 4th text request, into promoting the construction of projects, project by June 2017 has not yet completed grid (grid to grid-connected power grid Enterprise acceptance, whichever), will cancel its assigned size indicators.

According to the projects submitted for the record, today totally record common PV capacity of 156 5.84 million-kilowatt. Apart from the e-energy new energy (2017) 4th 1.8 million-kilowatt get clear 77 projects capacity, size indicators, there are 79 items 4.04 million-kilowatt without the scale indicator. In view of the National Energy Board in 2017 will no longer release my province PV scale target, local development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) should explain and risk doing publicity work. Usually not included in the 2016 scale target projects, investment and construction of enterprise ownership, because they are not included in the scope of national renewable energy development fund subsidies and forms of risks and losses, by the enterprise on its own.

Second, 2017 the focus and direction of exploitation and utilization of photovoltaic power generation

Is a national leading PV technology base.

Second, distributed PV applications.

Third, village-level solar power station for poverty alleviation.

Third, the requirement

(A) the steady construction of PV leads the technology base. According to XI, General Secretary of the Yangtze River economic belt catch to protect, not to engage in the development of directives, exploring its PV leads the technology base construction along the Yangtze River and the HANJIANG River. A is related City State to City State for units, combined facilities agricultural, and fisheries farming, and mountain shortage slope and abandoned to utilization,, to has must scale, and sites relative concentrated, and power elimination na conditions good and can unified implementation construction for premise carried out base construction early work, and organization prepared lead technology base implementation programme, submitted province Energy Council; II is each base planning capacity not is less than 500,000-kilowatt, base within single PV power station construction scale in principle should in 100,000-kilowatt above Three projects used PV PV PV products are required, such as “leader” advanced technology products indicators; four configured is the PV leads the technology base to take the competition project, base overall programming, optimization of project investment and construction work carried out by the provincial Department of energy organization.

(B) actively promoting distributed PV applications. Active and fixed the roof, walls and subsidiary sites combining photovoltaic power generation application. A focus on State-level development zones, business facilities and the construction of industrial park and other buildings and structures on distributed PV systems; second, active support in schools, hospitals, highway service areas, grain storage and other large public institutions and new energy vehicle charging stations to promote distributed PV systems; three is actively combined with urbanization and the construction of new rural communities distributed PV rooftop system.

(C) the scientific implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation. Is the city, State, County (city, district) to pay special attention to countries that has been released first batch of PV implementation of poverty alleviation projects, summarizing the first photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation experience; the other is to combine around the actual, in an orderly way of 300-kilowatt and below the small village PV power plant construction work on poverty reduction, to completed and put into operation before the end of June 2017, ensure that the effect of the play. On 300-kilowatt above of PV poverty power station to carefully advance, national scale index outside investment construction of 300-kilowatt and the above PV poverty power station due to cannot into national can renewable energy development fund subsidies range and caused of loss, by project owners itself bear; three is to strengthening and grid enterprise of convergence communication, science layout, strengthening grid elimination na, and electricity settlement, and manpower coordination work, ensure project construction operation implementation in place and poverty benefits of play.

Energy Bureau of Hubei Province

The January 20, 2017

Original title: provincial energy Board on the construction of photovoltaic projects in an orderly fashion the province notice

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