India and Spain pushed GW level solar bid

Polaris solar PV net news: demand for solar energy is no longer only the traditional powers of the world, emerging markets such as South America, India, the Middle East countries, growing up in 2016 for all to see. India market is the most dynamic new market, while abundant sunshine Spain also has considerable potential. These two markets have recently completed or ongoing GW-level solar case.

India stronger demand for one-month mark 1.7GW,2017 years will

PVMagazine reports India above 1.7GW were completed in the month of December 2016 solar bid, including 1GW by India Association of solar energy (Solar Energy Corporation of India,SCEI) implemented by the roof type solar energy project, will be installed on the India national Government Office building roof. 500MW in tanmiernadebang and 250MW in Orissa’s project, as well as a number of scattered projects.

MercomCapital the results of the survey showed that India Solar completed in December 2016, the bid is smaller than doubling November 755MW. Overall, India 2016 the booming solar market shows unprecedented atmosphere, and this momentum will continue into the year 2017.

Tanmiernadebang Power Manager on January 1 has been agreed with the local Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) launched 500MW bid. Ratio on the TANGEDCO results of the last bid, the new bid price the opportunity to fall below kWh4.5 India rupees (about 0.07 US dollars) price.

Spain: first quarter of 2017 will push 3GW

Spain earlier on belonging to the solar development market, and also have the rich sunlight resource, but the requirements expire in 2012 solar FIT after subsidies had no significant growth. However, the Spain Government has announced a policy on renewable energy development, and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017, including solar power, scale up to 3GW bid.

Spain’s renewable energy scale 17.3% in 2014, but the slowdown in growth the past two years. Further development objectives of the Government, want to raise the proportion of renewable energy in 2020 to 20% and increase the amount of solar power generation equipment. To this end, Spain will launch in the first quarter of 2017 3GW competition design. According to PVMagazine reports, it will be Spain in 2012 years later, first in wind, biomass, and other types of renewable energy.

Original title: market demand, Spain, and India were pushing GW level bid

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