Innovation in energy industry Boli multimedia distribution Bo Li concentrated

Polaris solar PV net news: Boli Multimedia Holdings Limited, is a global high-tech company based in Silicon Valley, the company recently announced, will be released on January 5, 2017 at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas show the latest Boli renewable solar energy technology.

Boli solar is a solar system technology development, the technology will change the entire energy industry. In 2017, CES show, Boli multimedia released its fourth and fifth of renewable solar energy products-Boli enhance and Boli solar doubled.

This solution has applied for a patent in the world, is the use of a mirror or reflective feinier lens technology to spotlight, light to the focal area. The mirror can also be mounted directly on the photovoltaic panels, mainly to improve solar panel efficiency.

Innovation in energy industry! Boli multimedia distribution Bo Li concentrated technology for solar energy Enhancer and double

Map: Boli concentrator structure diagram

Boli solar booster has the following characteristics:

Can be used on the installed solar panels, used to boost power generation capacity, faster return on investment

Has a peak density of 1.3 times, enhance the efficiency of PV device has a fixed

Has a fixed photovoltaic installations producing 1.4 times more than double the annual electricity generation

Connects directly and has a fixed solar installations, do not have to re-layout, easy to install

Widely applicable to a single photovoltaic panels and installing a large solar power plant

Boli solar doubled, representing an amplifier more powerful, specific advantages are as follows:

By side reflective Fresnel lens and mirror, achieving the double photovoltaic output

Improve annual energy output to 1.8-fixed photovoltaic device twice

Suitable for any photovoltaic panels, with or without shaft can

Is with an automatic cleaner, low-cost single-axis Tracker premium selection

Characteristically this product is for customers to reduce costs and increase the generating capacity of 1.4-twice. Boli Multimedia Holdings Limited CEO Dr Hu Xiaoping said: “with the current solar panel prices, our solutions will reduce costs for more than 30%, more efficient solar panels more economically attractive. This technology enables utility-scale solar power plants more economical than fossil fuel power stations immediately. ”

About Boli Multimedia Holdings Limited

Boli Multimedia Holdings Limited was established in 2002, has three subsidiaries, respectively, in the United States California, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China. Boli Multimedia Holdings Limited has applied for more than 90 patents in the world, covers a wide range of images and clean energy technologies. The company has two business units: Imaging and solar power. Active solar energy systems for the company’s goal is to help solve the problem of global warming, and rid the world of fossil energy constraints.

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