Japan 2016 4 3 electricity from solar power

Polaris solar network from 2012 after the introduction of higher solar subsidies, Japan a lot of imported solar power plant, the annual installed capacity exceeds 10GW. Japan economy, trade and industry (METI) statistics showed that Japan contributed to the solar power plant in 2016, for the National 4.3% of electricity.

Japan 2016 4.3% electricity from solar power

Japan natural energy Consortium (Renewable Energy Institute) analysis of data provided by METI, estimates Japan 2016 as a whole among national electricity, 4.3% from solar photovoltaic power generation, less 2.7% there was a significant growth in 2015. In good sunshine condition second to third quarter of fiscal year 2016 (2016 4 respectively in June and July-September), solar power contributions of 5% and 6% respectively.

All types of renewable energy electricity in 2016 to the Japan electric power demand contributions have come to 14.2%, the highest of which is hydro-electric power, solar PV is the second. Because Japan wind, biomass and geothermal power development of smaller, and therefore contributions are low.

PV Magazine points out that in Japan supported tightening the case of solar energy, solar power is not likely to substantially increased proportion. Each area power grid capacity has its limits even 30 days a year in parts of “do not buy” program, which each year will have 30 days to get FIT to support electricity generated through the loopback network.

, Including EnergyTrend, from all walks of life agreed that Japan’s solar market will exit from the ranks of the world’s top three needs, and gradually moved towards stabilization phase.

Original title: solar contribution of 2016 to electricity: 4.3%

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