Japan 2016 solar industry record high number of bankrupt enterprises

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Kyodo News, Japan 2016 Corporate bankruptcies hit a record high of solar energy-related business. 2016-1 ~ November bankruptcies reached 55, it has been since 2000, the highest since the survey began (2015, 54). Some analysts pointed out that, in addition to renewable fixed purchase prices dropped steadily slowing market expanded outside, enterprises everywhere lead to intensification of competition are also factors.

Period total liabilities of the bankrupt enterprise 22.316 billion yen (about 1.3 billion yuan), exceeded the previous peak of 2015 21.355 billion yen.

Economy, trade and industry has said will cut residential solar power purchase price for Tokyo Commerce and industry research firm, said: “solar industry bubble period is coming to an end, enterprise’s survival of the fittest may well continue for some time. ”

The survey for the manufacturing of solar system device retailing, construction, electric power companies to buy and sell. 2012-2014 fluctuation of bankrupt enterprises closer to the 30 or so in 2015, soar.

Commerce and industry research firm in Tokyo 2016 1 September bankruptcy analysis showed that because of “poor sales” bankruptcy had 21, 50% per cent of all then followed by “operational failure” with 8, 19%; ” Lack of working capital, “6, 14.2%. Joined the feasibility after poor business or with too little capital management, performance expectations, errors occur leading to bankruptcy, or orders, failure of the expected expansion led to more desperate situation.

Liabilities in bankruptcy between 100 million ~5 billion yen for 18, the proportion most is 42.8%. In bankrupt enterprises of all industries in the same period, debt in enterprises accounted for between 10 million ~5 million yen more than most, is 54.3%. It is learnt that, due to solar-related companies that need huge costs in upfront investment in equipment, so the sheets have a tendency to increase.

Original title: Japan 2016 solar industry record-high number of bankrupt enterprises

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