Jiangxi s photovoltaic investments speed limit

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of energy said overheated photovoltaic application development trends in our province, grid-connected photovoltaic applications follow accepted there will be greater pressure, easily abandon the phenomenon of optical power. To guide rational investment of PV power plant, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, the province established a photovoltaic investment monitoring and early-warning mechanisms (for trial implementation).

According to statistics, photovoltaic and wind power installed capacity in the province now has more than the total installed capacity of 10%, some PV power over local power grid load. Energy analysis, in 2017 I PV Internet host will be more than “Thirteen-Five” total planning, photovoltaic power to dissolve gradually increased risk, risk local abandoned optical power, photovoltaic and grid capacity contradictions in the province has become increasingly prominent.

In order to provide the scientific basis for decision making, the provincial energy Board based on grid data and development planning, set up early-warning mechanisms, early-warning from high to low level are divided into red, Orange, green, three grades, based primarily on photovoltaic power generation investment indicators and policy indicators categories.

For the operation of the early warning mechanism, Energy Council, running indicator examines power to dissolve photovoltaic power capacity, policy indicators mainly on photovoltaic power generation planning and policy environment. Early warning results are in principle determined by the run indicator initial, amended by the policy indicators.

For example, running such indicators show that the local power grid to accept new projects without pressure, initial value for green, but local policy indicators are negative factors, such as photovoltaic power generation plan has been produced, not of first building, early warning results raised level, orange. Operation indicator shows that the local power grid to accept new projects there will be much pressure, initial values in Orange, but the local policy indicators for positive, downgraded in the early warning results for green. In addition, appears hoax project construction of counties (cities and districts), direct transfer to red.

Application of early warning results, the provincial Department of energy says, the result is red, PV power investment risk, provincial energy Board does not accept local competitive photovoltaic power station configuration, where you should stop new photovoltaic project for the record on the ground, at all levels of power grid enterprise network formalities no longer.

Early warning results for Orange, PV development investment has certain risks, Energy Council does not in principle receive competitive local PV power station configuration, place no longer count new terrestrial photovoltaic project for the record. Filing authority should carry out risk, Enterprise PV projects on poverty alleviation should be careful choices.

Early warning results for green is OK, has been completed and construction of photovoltaic power generation project planning and scale of less than counties and cities, local governments and enterprises according to national policy requirements, arrange for the construction of amount of distributed rooftop PV power station and village-level poverty alleviation power station, and photovoltaic power planning under the guidance of orderly participation of PV power generation project construction configurations.

This reporter has learned, the latest data shows, in monitoring the province’s 104 districts, municipal, district and development zone, photovoltaic power generation investment warning total of 78 results for green, Orange 23, Lianhua, Shicheng and hengfeng County is included in the red area.

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