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Polaris solar PV net news: at the beginning of 17 new year’s energy development “Thirteen-Five” plan has finally been published.

Morning of January 5, the Energy Council held a news conference to release the energy development “Thirteen-Five” renewable energy development plan and the “Thirteen-Five” plan.

At the meeting, Deputy Director of the National Energy Board introduced Li Angzhe, adopted by the National Energy Commission for consideration and approval of the State Council agree, the energy development “Thirteen-Five” plan before new year’s day by the national development and Reform Commission, the official publication of the National Energy Board, electricity, renewable energy and other 14 energy planning is also being released.

Planning of clean energy will be the “Thirteen-Five” subject of incremental energy supply, strictly controlling the scale of new coal-fired power, stroke power, photovoltaic energy layout shifting to the Middle East to establish renewable energy green certificate trading scheme by 2020, wind power generation, photovoltaic power and strive to achieve parity.

Energy development “Thirteen-Five” planning what were the highlights? Bean King Combs:

1, 2020 energy consumption control in less than 5 billion tons of coal equivalent

The plan calls “by 2020 control in less than 5 billion tons of standard coal in total energy consumption”, consistent with the national economic and social development plan of the platform. From the perspective of average growth, the “Thirteen-Five” total energy consumption is expected to rise by about 2.5%, “Twelve-Five” 1.1% lower, in line with the new trends in energy consumption change under the new normal.

One minute to read energy development

2, clean low-carbon energy would be “Thirteen-Five” body of the incremental energy supply

The plan suggested that “Thirteen-Five” non-fossil energy consumption, increasing its share to above 15%, natural gas consumption and strive to reach 10%, coal consumption is reduced to below 58%. In accordance with planning related indicators calculated, non-fossil energy and gas consumption increases of coal increases 3 times more than doubled, accounting for 68% per cent of total energy consumption increases. It can be said that clean, low-carbon energy would be “Thirteen-Five” during the increment of energy supply.

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3, renewable energy total investment will reach 2.5 trillion

The entire “Thirteen-Five” period, renewable energy total investment would reach 2.5 trillion yuan. When renewable year equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.4 billion tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by approximately 10 million tons, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by about 4.3 million tons, reducing soot emissions by about 5.8 million tons, annual savings of about 3.8 billion cubic meters of water, and employment of the population of more than 13 million people.

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Layout 4, energy: wind power, photovoltaic transfer to East Central

The planning for the “Thirteen-Five” period of major energy projects, energy and manpower to the channel arrangement. Among them, made some adjustments in energy development, mainly wind power, photovoltaic layout shifting to the Middle East, in new wind power installed capacity, about 58% in the East, new solar installed capacity, about 56% in the East, and mainly distributed development, local to dissolve.

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5, to establish renewable energy green certificate trading scheme

According to the requirements of the renewable energy law, implementing renewable energy generation in full security system, upon completion of the minimum guarantee to buy on the basis of the number of hours to encourage renewable energy to participate in market competition. Renewable energy green certificate trading scheme established, by way of marketization, environmental and social benefits of new energy power generation, reducing the need for renewable energy to central financial subsidy funds.

The plan put forward by coal-fired power plants or non-hydro renewable electricity sales enterprises indicators require coal-fired power plants or electricity sales business by purchasing green certificates as proof of complete renewable energy quota obligation, through the green certificates market transaction compensation of new energy power generation environmental benefit and social benefit.

6, “Thirteen-Five” strictly control the scale of new coal-fired power

In a long period in the future, coal remains China’s main energy source, this is our most basic national condition. Be firm and unshakeable resolve the overcapacity, eliminate backward production capacity, develop advanced productivity, optimize the structure of coal production, unswervingly develop coal washing and processing and ultra-low-emission coal-fired power to promote coal gas and coal to olefin upgrading model, taking the road of development and utilization of clean coal in line with China’s national conditions.

“Thirteen-Five” completed during the reformation of coal turbine ultra-low emission 420 million kilowatts, energy-saving transformation of 340 million kilowatts. Strictly control the scale of new coal-fired power, and strive to be coal-fired power capacity control within 1.1 billion-kilowatt.

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7, accelerate the construction of natural gas distribution, peak power station

Expansion of natural gas market. Innovative institutional mechanisms, steadily pushed forward natural gas receiving, storage and transportation facilities, fair, open and encourages users to direct supply, reduce the cost of using natural gas, developing natural gas distributed energy and natural gas peak power station, in civil, industrial and transport fields to actively promote gas replace coal, gas oil, natural gas consumption.

8, 2020 wind power generation, photovoltaic electricity and cheap Internet access

Recently some countries bidding for wind power, photovoltaic power generation project price is lower than the local prices of fossil energy, which shows a certain degree of market competition. Especially users of distributed PV projects, compared with the sales price has been close. This year’s “leader in PV” demonstration project bidding prices substantially lower than expected, suggesting huge potential for renewable energy technology innovation and technological progress. Thus, the plan sets out “by 2020, wind power project electricity prices to compete with the local coal-fired power stations with platforms, PV projects electricity prices and grid sales price quite” objective.

9, 2020 hydro 380 million kilowatts, accelerate the construction of pumped-storage power station

Hydro 380 million kilowatts, pumped 40 million-kilowatt. In addition to continuing to focus on major rivers in Southwest China, actively and orderly promoting the construction of large hydro bases, as well as optimizing the medium scale development, to meet peak load regulation of power system’s needs and the demands of security and stability, make overall planning, rational distribution, accelerate the construction of pumped-storage power station. The “Thirteen-Five” period, China started pumped about 60 million-kilowatt.

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10, 2020 wind power 210 million kilowatts, to dissolve

Wind power is expected to rise by about 16 million-kilowatt above. Wind power represents a layout optimization and absorptive requirements, wind power projects moved further to eliminate the condition, both up wind power is more serious in some regions put forward clear requirements to wind power to dissolve.

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11, 2020 PV 105 million kW, the center of gravity in distributed

PV power installed capacity is expected to rise about 12 million-kilowatt. Solar power’s focus is mainly reflected in the enhanced distributed using and promoting technological progress, in particular, actively encourages its business Foundation promote the roofs of the city distributed PV projects, for large PV projects in the Western region explicitly requires ordered on the basis of solving the problem of abandoned light construction.

In the area of distributed PV, combined with perfect mechanism, electricity price reform, promote market transactions, reduced transaction costs, and give full play to its advantages, enabling State subsidies to implement at an early date, so as to encourage full participation of investors distributed PV investment construction

Also tried to carry out market-oriented allocation of resources, implementation of PV leader plans, promoting the application of Advanced photovoltaic technologies and products.

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12, biomass should adhere to distributed development

Biomass energy “Thirteen-Five” to adhere to during distributed development, vigorously promoting the formation of locally collected, local processing of raw materials, and locally distributed patterns of consumption, and vigorously promote the industrialization of bio-gas model and biomass fuels for heating, and promote the development of industrialization of liquid fuel

13, a comprehensive promotion of geothermal energy use

To carry out resource exploration based on exploitation and utilization of geothermal energy. Strengthening planning cohesion with the urban master plan for geothermal energy, electric heating incorporated into the construction of urban infrastructure, in terms of price of land, electricity, tax and other support, and to promote the effective utilization of geothermal energy.

14, has been actively promoting renewable heating

General Secretary shortly before he proposed to promote clean energy for heating in North China, renewable energy thermal utilization is an important component of clean heat. Planning, economic efficiency, in accordance with the priorities put forward multiple complementary, integrated principle to carry out large-scale application of renewable heating model, accelerated, such as promoting the use of solar energy, biomass use, initially estimated that by 2020 renewable energy heating and fuel totaled 150 million tons of standard coal.

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15, “Thirteen-Five” end garbage incineration power generation capacity of about 7.5 million-kilowatt

Waste incineration power generation is an important method of waste disposal, by the end of 2015, waste incineration power generation capacity of about 4.8 million-kilowatt, generating about 25 billion-kilowatt, garbage about 80 million tons a year, accounting for about 40% years waste output. “Thirteen-Five” will have the steady development of municipal solid waste incineration and generating electricity. According to the plan, the “Thirteen-Five” end of waste incineration power generation capacity of about 7.5 million-kilowatt. Do environmental protection, location and social stability risk evaluation under qualified cities and steadily promoting the construction of solid waste incineration power generation projects. Encourage construction of waste incineration combined heat and power projects. Accelerate the application of modern waste treatment and pollution control technology, improve the level of waste incineration power generation and environmental protection.

One minute to read energy development

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