Photovoltaic trends brewing the Middle rally is expected to be years after

Polaris solar PV net news: Lunar New Year holiday is approaching, prices gradually stabilizing the overall supply chain. Most holidays in China remains fully operational, but part of polycrystalline silicon wafer plant, Taiwan battery factory low price, choose to leave during output EnergyTrend expected new year’s shortages of silicon wafers, cells may appear slightly, and prices started rising.

Despite an industry-wide production capacity of polysilicon prices after that February will be paid out and begin to weakens, China polysilicon premium remain at about RMB140/kg, part of lots were sold and even upgraded to RMB142~143/kg. China installed surge in domestic demand remains concentrated in the first half of expected short-term polysilicon prices will stabilize at a high level, also let non-China poly silicon grade held steady at US$14~15.5/kg.

Polycrystalline silicon wafer prices have held steady at about RMB5~5.05/pc, and US$0.63~0.64/pc, January orders all settled, the Lunar stock requirements, and some of the effects of silicon chip factory new production, there could be slight shortage of high performance polycrystalline silicon chips have started to rally. Silicon shortages still no sign of settling in the first quarter, polycrystalline silicon chips started to rise, will narrow the spreads of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon wafer, made without provision for shortage of Silicon in the short term.

Single and multi crystalline solar cell prices this week has seen steady, polycrystalline 18.4% prices RMB1.7~1.73/W, US$0.21~0.215/W, maintain regular single crystal at US$0.24/W, and were sold mostly below the US$0.3/W a single PERC. Since prices bottomed out, the battery component plant started to increase purchases, monocrystalline cell shortage again, local multi crystalline cells, it is difficult to buy, it is expected that after the lunar new year, polycrystalline and monocrystalline cell prices are expected to rebound immediately, estimates the fastest response will occur in early February. Crystal PERC because profits are somewhat high, and conventional battery price difference is too large, prices remained weak. If conventional battery up, Crystal PERC also is expected to be steady.

Rally in the Middle though eyeing component is still too much capacity no sign, in addition to strong demand outside China, all component prices has weakened. Falling component prices may make limited gains in middle of this year, strong gains may not last.

Original title: trends: brewing in the Middle solar gains is expected to be years after launch

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