Polaris highlights solar network on January 24 2017 reviews

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary highlights January 24, granted a power station were asked to bid again three years ago many PV companies into a corner, South Korea media said the Chinese solar companies “rolling” foreign enterprise: Japan and South Korea into soup, highly subsidized energy driven by excess power “curse” hard time keeping investment impulse, as follows:

Three years ago were power stations be required to bid many PV companies into a corner

Korean media say Chinese solar companies “rolling” foreign enterprise: Japan and South Korea into soup

New energy power surplus driven by high subsidies “curse” hard time keeping investment impulse

Canada’s largest hedge fund company’s proposed c $2.46 billion acquisition of SunEdison two subsidiaries

Tesla did deviation? Musk why building a Tesla’s energy industry chain

2016 Liaoning “over the Hill” performance of PV installed capacity up to 520,000-kilowatt

Shanxi province, 2016 solar installed capacity of 2.9683 million kW

Zhangjiakou has joined! Spring Festival “scenery” restricted areas to further expand

“Over the Hill” road to abandon comprehensive energy base in Xinjiang in the what?

December results: PV markets Q4 temperature the factory camps harvests long drop

Grid-connected PV business installing tide in China dissolve sticking points remain:

Rural PV occlusion often occurs if the neglect or loss of 10% plant life

United States industry statistics: photovoltaic the number of practitioners is 2.5 times times the thermal power plant

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