PV in power users side changes are spectators or pushing hands

Polaris solar PV net news: with demand slowing, power equipment utilization hours is constantly setting new lows and how to “abandon the wind”, “the abandoned”, “water”, and so on, has become the focus of public attention.

Available information suggests that the solution to this problem there are generally two possible directions, by increasing storage, load capacity-building, the second is in the construction and management of power demand side investments. The latter is what distributed energy including PV comes in.

In recent 2016 energy transformation Forum, national energy Bureau Deputy Director Li Angzhe said the National Energy Board will soon introduce measures to encourage wind power, photovoltaic projects supporting the construction of gas-fired peaking power plants, enhance the stability of power supply and reduce abandon wind up light.

In the same forum, Professor at Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of engineering academician Han Yingduo is artificial, in the context of several innovative low power equipment hours, for the power industry as a whole, requires thinking, more from the load point, user added power peak Valley purpose that side-angle, rather than by new power generation capacity to meet peak demand for electricity.

“United States residents can be 30% higher than the proportion in China, but actually inside the electric heating, electric air, water heater, refrigerator can be moved. Why peak load when you desperately in the burning water heater, added slightly move a little peak-Valley. ”

Energy entered a period of rapid development

Information display from the national power grid, which is located in Qingyuan, Jurong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Xiamen, fukang, Xinjiang pumped power station started.

Statistics show that four pumped-storage plant with total investment of 37.481 billion yuan, the total installed capacity of 5.75 million-kilowatt, all completed scheduled for 2024.

National Energy Board Director Noor? bekri said on a project for the mobilization, pumped storage power station is currently the most cost-effective storage facilities and enhanced operational flexibility, protection of power system in power system security, eliminating intermittent fluctuations such as new energy power to improve the network of support. With the increasing scale of nuclear power, wind energy, solar energy, needs to build more and more pumped.

The four pumped-storage power station’s construction, can be seen as a sign of peaking capacity-building to accelerate.

In accordance with the relevant plan of power system peak capacity would be promoted from the following aspects. A is to increased adjustable peak power of construction scale, first is pumping storage, “Thirteen-Five” during built 17 million-kilowatt, while in “Thirteen-Five” during starts construction 60 million-kilowatt; second is construction part adjustable peak with of gas electric, in planning in the deployment probably 5 million-kilowatt of adjustable peak gas electric of construction; three is increased has coal-fired power station flexibility of transformation efforts, increased coal electric adjustable peak of capacity. In the “Thirteen-Five” during the deployment of combined heat and power unit to transform the 133 million kilowatts, reform for pure condensing unit 86 million-kilowatt, mainly used to increase the “three North” area of peak capacity.

Meanwhile, to support these policies will strengthen the era of low energy alternatives, and research advance of peak-Valley electricity price policy, promoting a variety of ancillary services market, both duocuo and ensure the healthy and orderly development of renewable energy.

More “user side” issue

In the view of the industry, in addition to adding the necessary peak-shaving and storage capacity, for the power system as a whole, in order to solve this problem, you also need to rack their brains in this regard from the user side.

Han Yingduo, said, China’s electricity installed capacity is to meet peak load to standards, but load times are volatile, especially at the height of the load and down load, the difference is very large, this will inevitably lead to large-scale electric power installed capacity idle.

“According to 6,000 hours to count, now operating 4,000 hours, our thermal power installed capacity by the end of 2015 years 900,000,009, counted as 1 billion one-third what does parked mean 300 million installed parked. “He said.

Further view, current of power industry is experience with a rather embarrassing of case, side is thermal power, generator group using hours number constantly innovation low, different of power power Zhijian to compete for power right and make have bee; and another side is is, in high temperature weather, with electricity volume of increased, part area still exists with frequently blackout of situation, that appeared so-called of local structural deficiency electric case.

In this regard, insiders argue that in the electric power industry, whether it’s policy or specific power-user, habit of mass production, unity, conveying the inherent monopoly mind-set. But in today’s distributed energy to develop, this way not long ago “Huashan a way”, and should be more feasible, taking into account the economic costs and social costs, such as, the “strategy” to solve the problem.

However, PV, how to use wave energy to the Internet, better promote and comply with the power of “user side” trend for change for themselves and strive for greater space for development, it is a test of its ability to innovate.

Original title: power users side changes, PV is the “spectators” or “pushing hands”?

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