Rooftop PV scale remains a bottleneck

Arctic star solar PV network news: last year December National Energy Council in released of solar development “Thirteen-Five” Planning (following referred to planning) in the proposed, vigorously advance roof distributed PV power, continues to carried out distributed PV power application model district construction, to 2020 built 100 a distributed PV application model district, Park within 80% of new building roof, and 50% of has has building roof installation PV power. Obviously, distributed PV roof will become an important direction of future photovoltaic development.

Deputy Director of the Gansu Provincial Academy of Sciences ‘ Institute of natural resources of Li Shimin, told reporters, “Thirteen-Five”, during the series of policies and measures under the roof, distributed PV will have a certain size, but rooftop PV constraints encountered problems during the promotion process, the future in order to achieve large-scale application also has some difficulty.


Looking for a quality roof is a resource problem

Data shows that by the end of 2015, 43.18 million-kilowatt PV cumulative installed capacity in China, of which, distributed PV cumulative installed capacity 6.06 million-kilowatt. As can be seen, distributed PV in our country at present is small, distributed power more smaller roof. There is an important reason is that the architecture for distributed PV roof is hard to find.

It is understood that directly determines the area of the roof the roof the distributed capacity of PV power projects, is the most basic elements of roofing design life determine the use of PV power plant life. Therefore, rooftop PV roofing quality requirements are relatively high. This means that in China’s vast rural areas, high quality suitable for building rooftop PV roof is not much.

Jiangsu haian County State grid power Corporation Deputy General Manager Zhang Shengjian told reporters, although better residential roof-top structures, suitable for building rooftop PV, but residential construction requires public roof rooftop PV, unclear property rights, subject to the approval of other residents and even the consent of owners ‘ committees or neighborhood committees, coordination is difficult. This became an important factor in restricting the construction of urban domestic photovoltaic power stations.

Based on above reasons, planning proposed: in has development conditions of industrial park, and economic zone, and large industrial and mining enterprises and Mall school hospital, public building, unified planning and organization implementation roof PV engineering; in solar resources excellent, and grid access elimination na conditions good of rural area and small town, advance residents roof PV engineering, combined new town of construction, and old town transformation, and new rural construction, and easily relocation, unified planning construction roof PV engineering, formed several PV small town, and PV village.

“The current PV on the roof construction, there is a problem, roofed enterprises can’t find the PV developers, photovoltaic roof of developers may not find useful. In the ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ during the rooftop PV to be widely used, Member States must increase the policy support and actively encourage government organs, enterprises and institutions take the lead in building photovoltaic roofs. “Li Shimin, told reporters that” the Government guidance and market operation, unified management “, highlighted the guiding role of Government construction of rooftop PV” jiaxing mode “worthy of reference elsewhere.

Bottleneck II

Question of investment costs

Although the State issued a related support policies, power supply enterprise’s service process is very clear, but rooftop PV development speed is not fast, one of the major reasons is the rooftop PV on-grid price above today’s electricity prices, installing rooftop photovoltaic equipment and maintenance is expensive. This led some companies and individuals willing to invest into its rooftop PV.

“Before the roof is not installed, I cycle power plant back to calculations are too optimistic. However, when I check out the national development and Reform Commission concerning the role of price leverage to promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry notice found 0.42 Yuan to contain a 17% value added tax only, the actual subsidy levels only 0.359 Yuan per kilowatt hour. What’s more, PV module life of 25 years, State subsidies only 20, the last 5 years there is no subsidy, incomes will be reduced. “Anhui rooftop PV user who declined to be named, admitted to reporters, as living standards improve, household electricity consumption will unrelenting reality, profitability of PV power station have been built and there will be no significant enhancements, will further erode the revenue from electricity sales income; if you didn’t install fully take into account these individuals may not build rooftop PV.

Xinhua also learned that in recent years, coal prices remain low also pulled down the benchmark price, price of power grid enterprises is not high. Actual profitability is limited, most grid-connected PV power plant of the family real 6-8 than previously calculated during the cycle has been extended for about 3 years.

Li Shimin considered, to advance the development of rooftop PV, national roof, distributed PV generation rules should be further developed, efforts to increase subsidies, and financial institutions should also be related to funding policies, innovation and investment model, through the State-funded, business investment and the participation of social capital in the form of attracting individuals, photovoltaic and photovoltaic electricity enterprise companies to join the roof construction.

Bottleneck for three

Incorporation difficult problems remain

According to the reporter, now in Western backward areas, whether individual or grid-connected PV roof of the power station remains difficult questions. This is due to network infrastructure in these areas is relatively backward, existing power grids and facilities cannot meet the roof PV demand coupled with the roof of distributed PV standards are not unified, PV power is intermittent, instability and other defects and uneven quality of power generation, power generation and other causes.

One thing to point out is, residents of spontaneous use of distributed PV generation are not completely independent of the roof system shall be connected to the public power grid, if there is no public grid support, distributed systems cannot guarantee that users of electricity reliability and quality of electricity as well as create economic benefits. If incorporation difficult questions is bound to affect PV roof of distributed PV initiative and personal development.

In the eastern regions of the country, as the relatively complete grid infrastructure, grid-connected problem of relatively fewer, rooftop PV has developed rapidly. It is understood that the roof of distributed PV installed capacity larger cities across the country, at the end of last August, grid-connected distributed PV project in jiaxing 2,521, 814,000 kW grid-connected capacity, grid-connected capacity is 94.04% per cent acceptance capacity. Jiaxing in the context of rooftop PV at present good practices worthy of recognition.

It is understood that to crack the distributed PV to and guarantee safe operation of power grids, jiashan County, jiaxing city, State grid power company active in the research, after a year of exploration, developed the first set of integration of distributed PV grid-connected interface devices. Integration of distributed PV grid-connected interface devices in jiaxing, Wenzhou, Quzhou, and Jiujiang, Jiangxi, application, received high praise, not only saves the cost of distributed PV investment, shorten the time of distributed PV, and improving the economic benefit of distributed PV, has great application value in the country.

Li Shi-min told reporters that, to solve the difficult problem of rooftop PV grid-connected, first of all, countries must accelerate the alteration of power NET in backward areas, power supply capacity and upgrading rural power network reliability, power companies not only to reduce the roof PV procedures, but also to carry out technological innovation effect of rooftop photovoltaic grid-connected power.

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