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Polaris solar PV net news: at present, the international community to ensure energy security, environmental protection and the importance of addressing climate change is increasing, speed up the development and utilization of renewable sources of energy have become the general consensus and concerted action of all countries in the world, people in the industry assert that belongs to renewable energy “protagonists” and “Paris era” has come to.

That is why, in recent years a growing number of well-known enterprises in integrating climate change into an important business decision. If Google is any reference material, compared to other new energy transformation process, it is not difficult to find, the company seems to see farther.


Energy consumption in 2015 Google a company comparable to San Francisco

Recent environmental groups-Greenpeace (Greenpeace) released an assessment report on the United States, and Korea amounted to 15 technology companies and China’s energy usage assessment ranking, Google, APPLE and Facebook have come into a small number of a-class. Not only that, but Google also recently said, is redoubling its efforts to buy enough renewable energy to cover the company’s global electricity consumption this year.

It is learnt that in 2015 alone Google energy comparable to the entire cost of a company by San Francisco. Google expects its purchases of wind and solar power would be enough to supply in 2017, global data center and Office of the electricity consumption.

However this does not mean that Google apart from wind and solar energy does not consume any energy. And like other companies, Google also gets energy from the energy company, while energy companies have supported energy network by several energy, including electricity, natural gas, coal and wind.

“We are the world’s largest renewable energy purchase enterprises. For economy, business and our shareholders, this is a good thing. Different from conventional fossil fuels, wind energy supply price fluctuations, which allows Google to better make a plan. In addition, Google purchased renewable energy more access to lower the price of energy. “Google Senior Vice President Joe ˙ kava, said at present renewable energy in many countries, establishing a competitive mainstream energy status. Now in more than 30 countries, solar energy, wind energy and fossil fuel prices are the same or cheaper. A few days ago, Chile every year starting in 2021 12.4 billion-kilowatt power requirement when tendering bids, SunEdison photovoltaic company reported 2.91 cents per kWh global PV lowest in history, to win some of the power supply section.

In the view of the industry, whether Google is the largest buyer of renewable energy is difficult to prove, because a lot of the information industry in terms of energy consumption is not transparent. However, there is no doubt that large computers of Google and Amazon, similar to Microsoft’s global business, is the world’s fastest-growing new power of consumables.


And renewable energy enterprise collaboration never stops

In recent years, cooperation between Google and renewable-energy companies have never ceased, the company hopes to cooperate with large wind farm successfully. Such as Oklahoma Minko, covering 50,000 acres of wind-power facilities in Pryor, Oklahoma Google large data center energy supply. Google Denmark wind turbine manufacturer VestasWindSystems buy Kenya 12.5% stake in the Lake Turkana wind power project. In addition, NextEra energy company with wind farms, in the United States and Canada has about 115 farm, also in cooperation with Google.

In the United States about 25% of power for commercial trade, companies like Google took the 2%. Damingwei Power Corporation (DominionVirginiaPower) is located in is probably the world’s most centralized State data center. Dominion data show that last year, customer demand for increased 9%, while the total demand is flat with the year before.

Google search for new energy, much more than this. In 2007, Google wave-powered data center idea, which was unprecedented at the time. While not fantastic, also has tried to get geothermal or use large kites flying in the stratosphere to capture high speed wind programme, but so far without any results. But this was made on the Google data center energy efficiency proud.

Critics point out that, when Google is possible in the world energy network into wind and solar when these two new elements, still dependent on fossil fuels, intermittent solar and wind power, after all, is not stable.

Energy Association for the study of communication, Vice President Chris ˙ Warren said: “in my opinion, this is a PR stunt. If they think that we can really rely entirely on wind energy and solar panels, they should be connected directly to these facilities on their data centers. “Noteworthy is that this plays an Association for the study of the role of think tanks in Washington, to a large extent by the fossil fuel industry’s personal and corporate funding.

In this regard, slips, Google not only 95% goal this year will be realized by virtue of its global fan, and support for the wind power industry will help wind energy prices continue to fall, especially compared with fossil energy such as coal, that advantage will be more obvious.

Google currently operates eight businesses, including Google, the Internet search engine, YouTube video site and mailboxes. Each of these business customers who have more than 1 billion. These all have 13 on the global network of huge data centres run, each of which is composed of many buildings of the complex, covering hundreds of thousands of computers. Stanford University, Earth, energy and environmental science lecturer Jonathan ˙ Coumet says Google in 2015, 5.7 TWh of electricity consumption by the equivalent of two 500-megawatt coal-fired power plant’s annual output, which is enough for two 1.4 million of the population of the Township.

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