Shandong electric Spring Festival peak now abandoned solar PV installed capacity

Polaris solar PV net news: Shandong province in recent days by the Commission and the State Energy administration supervision Office of the Shandong provincial electric power dispatching control center issued on 2017 new energy peak of the Spring Festival notice will be based on the “first abandoned after the wind up” principle of adjustment of various photovoltaic power plant operation to ensure safe operation of power grids.

It is reported that due to electricity consumption will fall dramatically during the Spring Festival, the absorptive capacity of the network for new energy will decline, too high a proportion of new energy can affect the safe operation of power grids, which requires regulation. Previously, the province only had “abandoned the wind” experience, according to the notice during the Spring Festival in 2017 photovoltaic, wind turbine must have a certain degree of outage.

It is understood that the power authority according to different time periods, photovoltaic and wind to make a different request. Among them, from January 27 to February 2, PV power plant outage peak from January 20 to January 26 and February 3 to February 11, according to “abandon the wind and dumped” notice around the principle of photovoltaic power station.

Analysts believe, because policies encourage the PV industry, coupled with better lighting conditions in our province, from 2015, Shandong has become the focus of PV power plant investors nuggets provinces. Under the background of installing surge, photovoltaic power plant, Shandong province, increased installed 2016 only 20.3 million kW of PV power in the province during the Spring Festival, but in 2017 solar output has reached 2 million-kilowatt.

Solar energy industries Association, Shandong province, Shandong province, has recently released the solar “Thirteen-Five” development plan, Shandong PV installed capacity by 2020 of 10GW, annual growth 1.8GW. According to the medium and long-term development plan on energy, Shandong province, by 2030, the province PV 25 million-kilowatt, PV power station 17 million-kilowatt, distributed PV 8 million-kilowatt.

Original title: Shandong electric Spring Festival peak now “abandoned”

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