Small PV systems in emerging markets Outlook report

Polaris solar PV net news: 2016 years 9 months, Chinese exports to emerging countries and Islands of photovoltaic modules and batteries have been accumulated to us $3 billion, about equal to the 6.8GW of photovoltaic cells and modules. 20% increase compared to year-ago levels, per cent of total export volume of China PV one-third.

In 2016, however those importing large-scale PV installed capacity just above 4.1GW, this means China PV exports to these emerging markets is much higher than the local demand for large PV projects. In these emerging markets, therefore, some imported modules should be used for the construction of small PV systems, although only through imports should not infer exactly how many for small PV systems, but we can still turn a rough estimate to be made.

We estimate that in January 2015 in these emerging countries, small scale PV projects market size between 1.4 to 2.0GW. Transit has excluded some of the data in these countries, or for shipments of large long-term projects in the construction.

Pakistan and Nigeria are the biggest emerging market for small PV systems, taking into account the population of the two countries and the power supply is not reliable, it’s not surprising. Other countries are much more difficult to forecast since January 2015, Yemen imported $68 million worth of PV modules (equivalent to approximately 120MW of photovoltaic cells and modules), mainly used in residential PV systems, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Ghana and the Dominican Republic, the PV module market imports, far more than we currently forecast to project planning. West Africa seems to be breeding a lot of small photovoltaic systems of construction.

So far, despite some of these countries have not yet built any large scale photovoltaic power plant, but last year’s imports of distributed PV capacity has accumulated a considerable scale. In addition, the expansion of markets for small PV systems in these countries also manufacturers such as Yemen more difficult areas such as market expansion soon. Small retailers is the main representative of PV sales in those areas. By comparison, Chinese exports to these emerging photovoltaic products the average value for $137,000, to average US $221,000 in mature markets. Many African countries are far below average in emerging countries.

Original title: small PV systems in emerging markets Outlook report

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