Solar thermal power generation the importance of breakthrough three banks

Polaris solar PV net news: first energy saving announcement a few days ago, the company’s first 24-hour electricity 10 megawatts of molten salt smooth incorporation of solar thermal power station Power Tower. The completion of the project comes as the first solar thermal power generation demonstration project bidding and construction of the occasion. The solar energy development issued by the National Energy Board “Thirteen-Five” programme also focus solar thermal power generation and first time solar-thermal power generation target of 5 million-kilowatt.

In the view of the industry, “Thirteen-Five” will be key to development of solar thermal, the basic task of industrial upgrading, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, implementation does not depend on State-subsidized marketing road to self-sustaining development. Expect “Thirteen-Five” period, solar-thermal power generation industry’s contribution to national economic output will exceed 600 billion yuan, and stimulate the development of high-end manufacturing, new materials and other industries. However, the solar thermal power industry is still facing inadequate resources, high initial investments costs and lack of operating experience and many other challenges.

Solar thermal project-intensive propulsion

Solar thermal power generation is using large arrays of parabolic or dish-shaped mirror collect solar heat through the heat exchanger steam, combined with the traditional process of turbo-generator, so as to achieve the purpose of power generation. According to the solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” programme, the “Thirteen-Five” period, solar energy generation capacity of more than 110 million kilowatts. Among them, solar-thermal power generation installed capacity up to 5 million-kilowatt.

After the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, approved new benchmark model for solar thermal power generation after 1.15 yuan per kWh, total national energy Board announced 20 to 1.349 million kW in installed capacity of solar thermal power generation demonstration project. Industry insiders say, solar-thermal power generation industry has become “Thirteen-Five” field one of the highlights of the solar energy utilization. The plan clearly, the “Thirteen-Five” period, the solar thermal power will cost less than 0.8 Yuan/kWh, solar-thermal power generation efficiency and realize improved, form the entire value chain integration capabilities. In addition, solar-thermal power generation was promising another big reason is energy storage, stores extra calories during the day, evening and then stores the heat for power generation in order to ensure the continuity of power.

“After preliminary planning of the National Energy Board ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ during the solar-thermal power generation target of 10 million-kilowatt. This means that over the next five years to light thermal power generation will reach 500 billion yuan of direct investment and indirect investment of more than 1 trillion yuan. But according to industry development, to be achieved by 2020 grid makes, later modified the grid target to 5 million-kilowatt. 5 million-kilowatt push hard to achieve without actually is small. “Beijing University of technology, Institute for energy and environmental engineering Professor Ma chongfang told China Securities Journal reporter.

Despite the difficulty of promoting large, the solar thermal industry starts year has a number of enterprises have started construction of thermal power stations. First energy conservation as an example, the company funded the construction of the country’s first 24-hour molten salt Tower power generating capacity of 10 megawatts of solar thermal power station on December 26 on-grid power generation. Huatai securities analyst He Xin pointed out that, if the full Internet, highest annual generating capacity of the project is expected to be up to about 85 million. Follow the published benchmark 1.15 Yuan/kWh electricity cost, can realize the electricity revenue of about 100 million Yuan for the year.

Apart from the tower outside the station, Haiyang 50 MW trough solar thermal power project in Yumen, Gansu province, started recently. In addition, the commercialization of world’s first molten salt Fresnel solar-thermal power station–Lanzhou, Dunhuang molten salt linear Fresnel 50 megawatts of solar thermal power generation demonstration project, a project started in Dunhuang, Gansu province.

At the time of solar-thermal power station-intensive start, upstream and downstream enterprises to actively participate in it. Tianjin Bai Rui Xue Lingyun, Chairman of new energy, said: “compared with the traditional trough solar thermal power generation systems, energy storage technologies-new power to reduce overall investment 30%. By molten salts in the preparation of improved, greatly reducing the cost of insulation, upgrading a molten-salt storage capacity, the company promising hot prospect. ”

Insufficient resources high initial cost

“Compared to photovoltaic, solar-thermal power generation of thermal storage technology, solar heat through the heat exchanger to heat water to produce steam and drive traditional steam turbine generator to produce electricity, ‘ light-heat-electricity ‘ transformation, compensate for the lack of PV energy storage, grid connected friendship is far superior to the PV. “Ma chongfang said.

However, MA chongfang, China Light and heat resources, solar-thermal power generation, environment adaptation and site limited industrial development objective problems that must be confronted. “Now need to establish collection mechanisms related to light and heat resources, solar radiation values will directly affect the cost of power generation, solar database to establish the perfect enterprise will be expanding the solar thermal business will provide direct assistance. ”

Apart from the lighting factors such as lack of resources, water resources, and technology competition, cost and lack of reliability, operating experience and so on, can also light industry development challenges.

“Solar thermal power generation is the most fatal problem high initial investment costs. “Solar thermal power generation senior scholar Zhang Jiancheng to the China Securities Journal said,” it is understood that the first solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects the initial investment in the 30,000 to 40,000 yuan per kilowatt, photovoltaic power generation initial investment has entered a million per kilowatt, wind power generation initial investments are probably also less than 10,000 yuan per kilowatt. Coal-fired power plants, the initial investment is lower, only 4000 to 5000 Yuan per kilowatt, and economic differences to some extent will affect the investments. ”

Is still at the initial stages of solar-thermal power generation in addition to the difficulties facing higher costs, the “localization rate is not high, electricity market reform, bidding and other factors but also industrial development problems that must be confronted. “Zhang Jiancheng said,” mirror key technology in the collector, collector, controls the country’s capacity to meet current needs, but the localization rate is generally low. It also increases the cost. ”

For example, he said, “with higher barriers set heat pipe technology, for example, buy a import collector General of 14,000 yuan. If the plant of domestic production as long as 3000 Yuan and a domestic price of imports mirror mirror one-third. ”

National Energy Board new and renewable energy Division Deputy Director Xing Yiteng said the future from the perspective of scientific and technological innovation to reduce the cost of solar thermal. First model item 1.15 Yuan/kWh of electricity prices, the State was averaging more than 0.9 Yuan. Electricity prices in other words now are mostly dependent on State subsidy support. Worth noting is that three types of PV bidding price has reached 0.61 Yuan/kWh, wind power is lower. “Solar thermal and solar and other clean energy competition in the short term, in the long run have to compete with traditional energy sources such as thermal power, so industry needs technological innovation to reduce costs. ”

“The future development of solar-thermal power generation industry possible disruptive new technologies. Current technology does not apply to Chinese industry, solar-thermal power generation experimental project is imminent. It is understood that the gezhouba group company in the experiment base of organizations related to light and heat, which are important to industry. “Ma chongfang told reporters.

Directly or indirectly stimulate investment

In addition, the operating experience deficiency is also currently the solar thermal industry is facing a lot of difficulties. Due to the lack of sophisticated matching system and actual operational experience, in order to avoid problems such as delays in completion, national development and Reform Commission, claim the model tariff first solar-thermal power generation projects to be fully operational before the December 31, 2018.

“If grid-connected to the end of 2018, this point of view, is expected in 2019 will step into a mature market stage. Along with the industrialization process, when costs go down, light electric prices will appear decreased substantially, when industry or shuffle a wave of surges, equipment vendors and operators will go through a consolidation of the project. “Haiyang in actual control of Xue Liming told China Securities Journal reporter.

However, insiders believe that grid-connected the end of 2018 there is tight. “At this stage a 50-megawatt power plant project, from construction to operation needs at least 2.5 years, national development and Reform Commission listed the ‘ end point ‘ is quite high. Of course, to have had relevant experience in building enterprise may be able to complete, but other companies can say to complete on time. “National solar thermal industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance Secretary General Liu Xiaobing said.

National Energy Board official said earlier that “Thirteen-Five” former mainly through promoting the construction of 1.5 million-kilowatt solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects, sum up experience, improve related management practices and policy environment, verify the reliability of domestic equipment, cultivation systems integration capabilities and key technology.

It is understood that due to varying degrees of domestic, solar-thermal power project unit kilowatt cost vary, usually spreads in the 20,000 to 30,000 yuan per kilowatt. In this context, if the total national energy Board first solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects 1.5 million-kilowatt project started, there can be between 30 billion and 45 billion investment market.

Industry experts estimate that the “Thirteen-Five” period, the solar thermal industry’s contribution to economic output will exceed one trillion yuan. Among them, the solar thermal power industry’s contribution to economic output will reach 600 billion yuan, boosting economic demand by 120 billion yuan a year on average while driving high-end manufacturing, new materials, electronics and related industries such as the Internet.

First energy-saving secret Tung Hou Jianfeng said in an interview, solar-thermal power generation in China lack operating experience, future will solar thermal collection and generation of organic interface, how to implement a mirror accurate day and stored and how to achieve the thermal storage tank of molten salt, which need to be proven in a specific operation. “By the end of 2015, only 18 MW solar thermal installed capacity in China to catch up with a large scale distributed PV power station. 2016 first solar thermal demonstration project in the reserves of the company’s projects have 1.6 GW, and follow-up projects have been started, solar-thermal power station systems integration, technical issues, the quality of domestic equipment can withstand the test, a power station operation is made to find the answer. ”

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