State grid announced 20 measures to solve power problems would abandon 2020

Polaris solar PV net news: on January 19, held a news conference to the national grid and 20 specific measures to promote new energy to dissolve, involving grid construction, load capacity-building, planning studies, key technology research.

According to the relevant parties, the State grid Corporation will clear the responsible Department, proposed to 2017-2018 abandon wind up the conflict has been effective, new energy by 2020 the fundamental solution to dissolve the problem, leaving wind-split-rate control within 5%.

Interviewed by brokerage analysts, it is clear again to the national grid through a variety of measures to address abandoned wind up light problem and set 2020 targets for the first time within controlled abandon wind up at 5%. Abandon wind up gradually to improve the developer’s cash flow, promote the introduction of policies such as quotas to promote the long-term development of alternative energy industries such as wind solar.

Abandon wind up light has become the biggest obstacle

According to finishing, the national grid proposed of initiatives including: across district across province transmission channel of construction, priority arrangements new energy outside sent; strengthening power agreed planning research, optimization layout, reserves outside sent channel project; increased urban and rural distribution grid construction input, speed up upgrade transformation, meet distributed energy access; do pumping storage power station construction work; proposed China thermal power unit adjustable peak transformation planning and plans; vigorously advance power alternative; speed up virtual synchronization generator, micro-grid storage can, “Internet +” Wisdom energy key technology research and application; speed up implementation grid real-time scheduling, carried out across district, across regional of scenery fire joint run; upgrade source network load friendly interactive level, perfect compensation incentive mechanism; optimization scheduling operation, and Manpower sent by paragraph adjustable peak resources, priority using new energy; speed up market mechanism research, promoted conducive to established new energy elimination na of electric price mechanism and quota system; speed up building national power market, active organization new energy across province, across district trading; speed up research power auxiliary service market, Full mobilization thermal power enterprise participation adjustable peak of enthusiasm; and European national established long-term of Exchange and cooperation mechanism; learning abroad of advanced experience, developed for domestic new energy elimination na of programme; carried out grid adapted new energy mass, high proportion access of key technology research; country network company established promote new energy Cortana work led group; will promote new energy elimination na work situation into the Division, the province power company of assessment content; 2017 first quarter, organization held promote China new energy elimination na integrated programme seminar Strengthening with the national development and Reform Commission, Department of energy, local governments and power generation Group communications.

Abandon wind up light problem has now become the new energy industry is one of the most serious problems. According to data issued by the National Energy Board energy regulation in the Northwest, in China in 2016 five Northwestern provinces (districts) up wind power 26.225 billion kWh, abandoned the wind was 33.34%. Among them, abandoned in Gansu and Xinjiang wind up to 43.11% and 38.37%, respectively. Five Northwestern provinces (districts) abandon the electro-optical 7.042 billion kWh, abandon rates 19.81%. Among them, Xinjiang, Gansu, photovoltaic power generation operation more difficult, leaving light 32.23% and 30.45%, respectively.

Focus of clean power to dissolve

However, in order to alleviate the PV to dissolve contradictions, relevant departments have started to adjust the direction, encouraging the development of distributed power plant, expanding the “PV +” comprehensive utilization project, on the light resource advantages of accelerating the construction of powerful network support in the Northwest, increase output capacity, avoid cleaning the waste of energy.

The solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” plan specifically requested to abandon power places, strictly control the centralized PV power plant construction, speeding up the abandoned power that have emerged, taking local absorptive and expanded delivery methods, improve the utilization of centralized PV power plant built and reduce abandon optical power ratio. Meanwhile, in “three North” area of the existing and planned the construction of UHV power delivery channels, in accordance with the principle of preferred stock, optimization of incremental, ordered construction of solar power plants, increasing the proportion of renewable energy in power delivery channel, effectively expanding the “three North” area range solar power to dissolve.

“The installed capacity remained stable growth, leaving marginal improvement of wind power and the degree of industry concentration. According to industry data, from the first quarter last year to abandon wind power situation gradually improved in the third quarter, one-quarter power 26%, half power 21%, power 19% the first three quarters. We also understand that wind power does appear marginal improvement, mainly due to the growth in consumption remained stable, construction of the transmission line, a variety of power (such as: wind turbine heating) applications. “The analysts also said that the” abandon wind up gradually to improve the developer’s cash flow, and cash flow improvement is also conducive to promoting the development of follow-up projects. Wind power industry 2016 bid is expected to be over 30GW, leader in the photovoltaic industry, updated plan poverty alleviation schemes and distributed a considerable scale. We expect in 2016 and wind power lifting for about 23GW,2017 years on the basis of some 15% growth; we expect in 2016 and about 34GW,2017 grid-connected PV installed capacity year on year decline, estimated scale 25GW level. ”

Original title: State grid announced 20 measures to solve power problems would abandon 2020 wind up within a 5% rate control

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