Strong gains in middle reaches of the solar monocrystalline cell gains the most

Polaris solar PV net news: section in the middle of profits crunch solar polycrystalline silicon wafer and cell since last week after the price increase, up rising, previous losses larger single crystal solar cell prices this week the most obvious section, especially Silicon is still scarce, single Crystal product follow-up rally so far will remain fierce.

Dan Jingjing stick, wafer capacity full up and continue expansion, making China’s polysilicon to February is still in short supply, and sold up to RMB142~145/kg. Since most wafer 1-2 months in advance before finalizing the order, expected before early February polysilicon prices rose steadily, also let non-China poly silicon grade held steady at US$14~15.5/kg.

Polycrystalline silicon wafer prices lift between the two sides, but due to the solar cell price increase has not yet been set, polysilicon prices are still slightly messy, China between the offer of RMB5.15~5.3/pc, Taiwan offers at around US$0.65~0.68/pc. As part of the lunar new year of polycrystalline silicon wafer factory does not fully open, may lack efficient polycrystalline continued making gains after the Chinese new year should be able to stand on the US$0.69/pc.

Longi, Central, two manufacturers of new capacity may be gradually released in 3-4 month, Silicon shortage still no signs of settlement before the March, although leading plant than with coarse open too much price difference, but the rest are still shortages continue to shill on the occasion, the market price has reached US$0.82~0.85/pc, RMB6.2~6.3/pc, silicon chip prices will remain stable in the short term increase.

Single and multi crystalline solar cells this week to increase significantly, the poly-18.4% sold already stands US$0.22/W, conventional single crystal silicon wafer is difficult to buy, less supply, Taiwan between the price rose to US$0.25~0.28/W in one fell swoop. China offers padded polycrystalline RMB1.8/W between RMB1.95~1.98/W, single crystal, compared with China’s monocrystalline cell gains more quietly. As prices have rallied sharply, many battery factories does not finish production in January, and in the battery after installing surge launched in China continue to rise when more can be sold.

Opened up the Middle, and component prices are due to too much capacity hard to pick up. Although some European and American components due to padded cell procurement prices and want to shill, but strong demand outside of China, around the component still does not improve, prices still remain weak.

Original title: strong gains in middle reaches of the solar monocrystalline cell gains the most drama

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