Taiwan photovoltaic effect of water on the roof PV power plant controversy

Polaris solar PV net news: from Taiwan, many of its recent planning and completion of solar systems, 2017 is arguably Taiwan solar energy entering a new era in the industry for a year. In addition to public building roof, a growing number of private buildings started planning or have completed building, reservoir, flood storage ponds and farm pond space also included installation considerations.

Taiwan photovoltaic effect of water on the roof PV power plant controversy

Photo: Taoyuan City-owned rooftop mounted solar system. Source: Taoyuan City Environmental Protection Bureau

Taoyuan: a little behind schedule, the target this year to catch up with

Taoyuan City is Taiwan one of the highest proportion of green electricity subscription, for the promotion of solar energy is also very positive. Apart from public burial site on January 17 the 3MW-ground power station, longevity, Fuxing district elementary school completed roof of 60 square meters space beyond the solar panels, Taoyuan City Environmental Protection Bureau has also been planning to 150 public service school roof installation of solar energy in the city, after the completion of each year is expected to create more than 20 million of carbon-free electricity.

However, the city environmental protection Bureau said industry construction a little behind schedule, was completed in 2015 50 roofs built in 2016, only 17, the original timetable to complete the two years, which completed less than half. EPA wants industry to speed up the work, completed this year of the remaining 83 roof systems, and power began.

In addition, the city has completed commissioning of school premises of rooftop solar energy systems to power about 7.2 million a year, the equivalent of more than 2,000 households consumption at home, each year for the city to pump NT $7 million additional revenue.

Taichung, Wu will join the ranks of solar energy

Taichung district growing commercial prosperity, electricity consumption increase. In response to carbon reduction and the Government’s determination to develop solar, Taiwan solar energy industry increasingly energy plans to invest NT $460 million yuan in Taichung district set up 3,000 square meters of solar-power systems, is expected to produce 1.3 million a year, creating green electricity to repay revenue reached NT $6.2 million Yuan.

Increasing energy in Taoyuan, Changhua, Yunlin and Kaohsiung County and city business district has experience in developing solar energy systems, including idle roofing and building farm shed. Increasing energy Chairman said commercial building roof area of over 300 square meters, or residential roofs in 20 pings, installed solar system and to receive feedback 4~6% gold.

Solar water devices, there is controversy

Taoyuan areas known for their farm pond, the Mayor has instructed the environmental protection agency assessment on the use of water from farm pond setting floating solar power equipment, in March this year is expected to see Taiwan’s first farm pond solar systems. Also plans to use solar water space development, and grandparents shop in Kaohsiung reservoir, Lake of lantan reservoir in Chiayi and Kaohsiung; but have been part of the plan was rejected.

Kaohsiung’s Chengching Lake are famous scenic spots, have felt worried about destruction of landscape, so local governments decide the suspension, first in Kenyan shops solar reservoir poems. Meanwhile, Chiayi lantan reservoirs had expected 2019 year power, but also because of concern about water quality and landscape change, was rejected by Parliament. However, the Taiwan water company, said solar panels paving area is only about 3% lantan water surface area, will continue to communicate.

Japan, China and the United Kingdom and other countries have set up solar power systems on the water experience, Japan will be completed this year on a scale up to 13.7MW of floating water plants, when completed will be the world’s largest water solar systems. Set up solar power system can effectively use water cooling features reduce the water Panel operating temperature, thereby increasing capacity coupled with the available surface space, while conserving water quality effect, so popular.

Original title: Taiwan solar energy demand more public and private roof, sink into the planning

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