Taiwan power company construction 2020 PV 500MW

Polaris solar PV net news: in line with the Government policy of promoting renewable energy, Taiwan power company (TaiPower) announced the launching of a new wave of construction of solar power systems work using its own building, land space, as well as Taiwan Salt reservoir, floodplain areas such as laying of panels, targeted 500MW by 2020 device.

Solar plan pushed by Taiwan in line with the Government, is expected to last for a period of 3 years, in five stages for construction. Phase I began in 2008 and end in 2014, set during the 18.2MW system. 2015 commenced the second phase of the project, is expected to be completed in 2018; the second phase of the project to all building roofs, ground to set space target NT more than 800 million Yuan, device 11MW, can produce 13 million a year on average, the equivalent of 3,300 Taiwan household electricity.

Taipower said that large-scale rooftop solar energy systems on the second phase of the project will be built, total device volume is estimated to be 1.7MW. In addition, it will also rectify Chiku in Tainan, Miaoli, white sands, 12 floor space, used to set the 9.9MW ground-type solar system. Taipower said, the second phase of the project with high conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon components, part of the roof the performances “PV-ESCO” mode of operation, can reduce the installation costs on the one hand, on the other hand can increase the scale.

By 2020 goal to develop, nearly the total unit volume 500MW

Apart from the first to second the construction of projects, Taiwan power company’s solar energy development plan has been planning to fifth. Disan、SI、wuqi appliance target of 100MW, 10MW, 300MW, respectively, is expected to be completed before 2020, building space, shut down power plants in Changhua, respectively, and General hydration reservoir waters, Tainan salt beach.

Taiwan power company construction 2020 PV 500MW

Include the second phase of construction, Taipower plans, landscape design of new solar power plant will be considered for inclusion, and try to operate as tourist attractions or places of environmental education, open public visiting.

In addition, Taipower is planning to promote construction of the sixth, which uses its own land, space of decommissioning nuclear power plants, build before 2020 30MW of solar systems. The size of the construction of the above six is close to 500MW. But the Taipower head said, the Government hopes that energy in 2025 device 1GW solar systems, 500MW of space, are still looking for.

Meanwhile, Taipower grid-connected solar-friendly measures will be implemented, the feeder is insufficient to accommodate areas of grid-connected solar system short, medium and long term plan of improvement, and improvement works to enhance the civil capacity of grid-connected solar systems.

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