The National Energy Board the Thirteen Five scale of photovoltaic power generation

Polaris solar PV net news: National Energy Board News Conference, held on January 5, Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director of the National Energy Board new Energy Division said in answering reporters ‘ questions, from “Thirteen-Five,” looking at the size of the PV, 105 million kW is not a limit, but a guiding development scale. If distributed PV market development environment changes faster, progress was good, the scale of construction will become larger. In addition, the size should not be too sensitive to photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic utilization hours than lower in the central region can only be made over more than 1000 kWh of electricity per year per kilowatt, according to size only thermal power 1/4 of power. “Thirteen-Five” focus of attention is to advance photovoltaic technology, accelerate cost reductions to maximize State subsidy funds, not merely expanded.

In the PV industry technology progress, future measures to take two: one is by leader technologies base construction, upstream industry chain as a whole scale photovoltaic power plant and technological progress combined, this is a collaborative innovation, the purpose is to provide advanced technology markets, accelerating cost reduction. Second, in terms of distributed PV, combined with perfect mechanism, electricity price reform, promote market transactions, reduced transaction costs, and give full play to its advantages, enabling State subsidies to implement at an early date, so as to encourage investors to fully participate in the construction of distributed PV investment.

Original title: Department of energy: 105 million kWh photovoltaic power generation for guidance development

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