Total capacity increased to 2017 PERC battery 25GW output multiplier

Polaris solar PV net news: PERC (Passivated Emitterand Rear Cell) solar cells have been mature in technology and equipment, will begin this year entering the peak stage of mass production. TrendForce new energy research (EnergyTrend) latest PERC technology special report estimates that 2017 solar capacity will continue to rise, PERC capacity and expanded considerably beginning in 2016 will be in 2017, the first half of the succession process is completed, annual PERC battery capacity of 25GW, output will be doubled.

Total capacity increased to 2017 PERC battery 25GW output multiplier

EnergyTrend Ke Zhenyu, an analyst said the solar market will reproduce last year’s market conditions, demand hot first half and cold second half, forming a cycle out of balance. In addition, increased battery capacity, battery prices will continue to fall in the long term. Under this trend, PERC Crystal battery appear relatively maintenance with efficiency advantage.

Ke Zhenyu pointed out that benefit from the increased market demand of high performance components and distributed, as well as the Chinese Government to promote “the leader scheme” factors such as thresholds, high performance products are preferred on the market, and PERC single crystal and traditional batteries have been US$0.05/W of single crystal above the price gap, higher profits. In addition, this year 290W component from the current mainstream standard specifications to 295W/300W, to reach such a number using PERC technology will be the most economical and the most viable option.

PERC and efficient battery quality, adjusting the operation strategy advantage

In terms of manufacturers, efficient factory PERC battery’s overall production quality is quite excellent, both in cell efficiency and outstanding performance on production yield, so even less advantage in the PERC expansion, continued to gain favor. However, the plant will also face the challenge this year, the main competitors come from hanwha Q-cells capacity mixer and plenty of battery factory in China’s rapid rise.

Ke Zhenyu said, face competition opponents menacing, Taiwan factory of production operation strategy must has for should, as Sino-US Crystal keep PERC Crystal battery efficiency of leading advantage, currently volume produced can over 21.3%, technology development capacity is industry most, and new daylight put gravity transfer to increased efficient can component production scale Shang, increased solar power station cooperation project of cooperation, Yu Crystal and Tai Chi is planning increased built reset third to of PERC capacity investment as main target, Third exports a price advantage of sales to Europe and the United States.

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