Two wheeled household distributed PV policy market prospects can be

Polaris solar PV net news: “long way of PV in distributed, distributed in household system in the future. ”

From policy support to market requirements in 2017, with development of distributed PV coming spring. Different from the ground station, with distributed PV for ordinary people, to be truly national still has a long way to go, regardless of the enterprise’s own technology, channels, promotion, financial support and later operation and maintenance, there is a huge potential for mining.

Two-wheeled household distributed PV policy market prospects can be

Future trends: photovoltaic home, the people involved in

According to the power development “Thirteen-Five” programme, the “Thirteen-Five” at the end to reach the goals of distributed PV 60GW needed annually by about 10GW of distributed machine. Media predicts that “Thirteen-Five” period with distributed PV new scale possible 20GW, although this forecast is still weak compared with the distributed market a little too optimistic, but there is no doubt that households with distributed PV have broad market prospects, the era of national PV is getting closer.

In addition to the policy direction the industry increasingly focused on distributed household market, also has its own natural advantage–solar energy resources are everywhere, and land resources are abundant and there are no restrictions on the roof, and more importantly, households with distributed PV investment, can dissolve in place, there is no rationing risk.

In addition to the upbeat market estimates, as you can see, household PV of social awareness is gradually improving. Last year, major exhibitions and large-scale photovoltaic Conference specifically set in the household of distributed PV promotion and discussion links, participate in corporate confidence, individuals who come are interesting.

Clearly, the residential PV system will usher in a boom in the coming years. At present, domestic provinces and cities, on distributed PV and household sectors is the best economically developed eastern part of Jiangsu.

According to related statistics, to the end of November 2016, distributed capacity of 5197.7MW in Jiangsu Province, becoming the largest distributed PV cumulative installed capacity of provinces.

Zhejiang Province is starting from 2016 to promote millions of Chamber roof photovoltaic projects. Statistics, Zhejiang province since the beginning of last year to start million since the family rooftop PV project, new usher in a growth spurt, new installed capacity accounts for nearly half of the total installed capacity. According to Zhejiang Province PV industry technology innovation strategy Union Secretary-General, and Hangzhou City solar PV Industry Association Secretary-General Zhao Yonghong introduced, currently, Zhejiang Province PV industry is full advance village both roof family PV development, through full paragraph funded, and commercial loan, and transfer roof, and contract management, construction mode, promoted village independent residential roof or garden, and new rural concentrated relocation housing, both building roof construction family PV power system, and in 2020 years Qian built family roof PV device 1 million households above, The total installed capacity up to 3GW.

Development concerns: fear of vicious competition

“Zhejiang Province in the field of residential PV financing bottlenecks have been broken, Bank, Zhejiang Province, particularly for households of rural credit cooperatives system of financing policies have been liberalized, many residents can zero down payment for their own installation of solar home systems, in such a good policy support, household system of Zhejiang Province in development this year will be better. However, Zhejiang Province, after all, is distributed in photovoltaic and solar home systems area is in front of the provinces, and many other provinces in the future large-scale development of solar home systems, will still face a number of constraints. “A main PV household products company heads said to the reporter.

When talking about distributed and solar home systems in the current bottlenecks, new cast President Han Qinghao pointed out that residential roof, providing solutions, encouraged residents to invest and spontaneous use. Currently facing the main bottleneck comes to market competition, the company offers, prices down in order to get the project situations may happen; in addition, the technical point of view, for the evaluation of residential roofing, roof type, mechanical structures, such as support for 20 years is the need to constantly upgrade problems. In addition, the distributed and progressive realization of the transaction have not let go, this is all that needs to break through the bottleneck.

It is understood that the household PV’s best promotion is similar to home appliance promotion, need to have local agents, constantly spreading channels, the accumulation of offline sources. However, at this stage due to distributed PV and household system favored by the great policy, also have caused the major manufacturers and brands, poured, future will cause market chaos worthy of attention.

First, at this stage, intends to installation households with system of owners for price extremely sensitive, around agents and installation business mutual bidding, will whether caused malignant competition, and price uneven, eventually led to households with system appeared quality problem, serious contusion people enthusiasm; second, around agents and the installation business whether accept has enough of training, can in development customer process in the do detailed accurate to answers questions; last, owners in installation households with system Hou, can get good of late shipped dimension service. If only markets, ignore all of these problems, residential PV system will lose in front of bright prospects.

Market: be innovative technologies and business models

In addition to the main business for SMEs in household products, a great number of PV leader, such as Concord, Trina solar, Yingli solar home systems have been launched, such as product.

For now, the residential photovoltaic system to achieve a rapid development, also have to face a series of challenges, enterprises need in terms of product and business model innovation.

In this regard, Icahn a green home and Technology Xu Wenke, General Manager of Jiangsu believes that bigger and stronger households with distributed PV market, completes the system setup, channel marketing, supply and marketing business training, financial support and after sales service is a necessary precondition.

From a business standpoint, first of all to achieve innovations in technology, standardized, modular, household products, accurate system settings then to setting the entire supply chain system, from delivery to delivery to ensure the best experience for users. It is understood that Trina Sunbox light Kit when it is launched very focused one-stop easy installation design, product quality and efficient components, accessories for total quality control standards to provide standard incorporation process, mobile APP, mobile you can view at any time, and the use of distributed PV systems as simple as buying appliances.

In addition, channel promotion, since PV products had more used in large-scale power stations on the ground and want to promote universal participation in, you need to have all science. “Promotion of residential photovoltaic system requires thoughtful consideration at a practical level for the user. We launched PV experience innovation, making close-up experience of PV electricity for household use, understanding of policy and the actual subsidies and the power generation process. “Beijing Capitel sunshine new energy technology service company said Executive Vice President Yang Jiaxi.

Meanwhile, households with distributed power station is a product that has investment properties, to provide users with one-stop financing leasing solutions is very necessary. It is understood that several companies have launched their own on the supporting financial services solutions.

Even more important is that in addition to the complete system solutions, after-sales service is also an important aspect. In household products to a certain stage, the user experience on the market will determine the long-term development of the market for household use. New dimension intelligence and power engineer Wang Shujuan points out, large ground station or a large distributed projects are faced with professional investors, and household items are faced with and without knowledge of the people, in addition to operations in the late, late training for residential customers is also crucial.

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