United States 2016 PV cost 4 9 6 1 cents kWh

Polaris solar PV net news: United States consulting firm Lazard annual assessment of United States energy life-cycle cost (LCOE), 10th report was published on December 15, 2016. A chart in the report shows since 2009 United States wind power and PV costs decline.

United States 2016 PV cost 4.9-6.1 cents/kWh

Overall, 7 years since United States levelized cost of onshore wind power cycle (LCOE) by 66%, current cost range of 3.2-6.2 cents per kilowatt hour (equivalent to 0.22-0.43 Yuan/kWh). 7 years of large terrestrial PV LCOE down 85%, current cost range from 4.9-6.1 cents/kWh (equivalent to RMB 0.34 to 0.42/kWh), residents and businesses of rooftop PV cost range 8.8-19.3 cents/kWh (equivalent to 0.61-1.33 Yuan/kWh).

Original title: 2016: United States chengbenqu 3.2-6.2 cents/kWh of wind power, photovoltaic cost 4.9-6.1 cents/kWh

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