United States renewable energy leader status in jeopardy

Polaris solar PV net news: the new United States President Trump renewable energy is not positive, its tendency to embrace traditional energy and oil shale. But before Trump took office, United States Department of energy (Department of Energy,DOE) has published a report, data: United States solar has more employees than the number of conventional energy.

United States renewable energy

DOE published by the United States energy and employment report (U.S. Energy and Employment Report), the statistics show, United States in the first quarter of 2016 when the solar power industry reached 374,000, is the largest among all the energy industry, 43%; a 25% figure compared with the previous year. Wind power industry employees 101,738 people, representing a growth of 32%.

Contrast, coal-fired, natural gas, fuel the sum of traditional thermal power employees 151,000 people, although annual growth of 11%, but fewer than half of the solar power industry. Traditional fossil fuel power generation industry in total employment for 187,117 people, accounting for 22% of total power generation industry.

United States renewable energy

United States the number of power generation industry in China. Dark green: 2015, light green: 2016. (Source: United States DOE)

The same report points out that among all the solar power industry, construction and installation of 36.7% is, 26.5% is the sales staff is 15.3%, 18.5% is the manufacturer, professional services, another 3% other related work. From this point of view, solar power industry for the United States to create considerable employment figures, and consists mainly of new solar systems build demand-driven.

United States renewable energy

United States latest statistical proportion of the solar energy-related industry. (Source: United States DOE)

Renewable energy industry growth

DOE report, there are currently about 6.4 million in energy-related industries across the United States in 2016, adding 300,000 people; additional work to the energy industry accounts for United States 14% of 2016 new work.

Coal-fired electricity generating capacity was reduced from between 2006 and 2016, September, 53%, and continues to decline, future employees will also reduce. Compared with gas power generating capacity increased by 33% during this period, solar exposure was increased by 5,000, growing from 508,000MWh to 28,000,000MWh. Therefore, several types of energy between ebb and flow also increases the number of workers.

In addition, the United States between September 2015 to September 2016, distributed solar generation capacity grow by 35%; after the large solar power plants, wind power generation, solar power growth rate for the year came to 52%.

Energy in transition

Report Express: “gradually switching to switch to natural gas in coal-fired power generation, as well as boosting low-carbon energy generation, driven by United States energy mix is changing. That shift reflects on changes in the employee data. Industry increase in the number of natural gas, solar energy, wind energy, mining and other related industries is a decrease in the number of. ”

The independent newspaper (The Independent) cited DOE senior adviser David Foster, said the figures showed that 21st century economic and development direction of energy technologies in the future. He said that, regardless of whether it can continue to push down the price of solar energy and natural gas, or if energy consumption with smart grid and more fuel-efficient cars more popular reduction, energy innovation to the United States are important for the economic growth momentum. Foster said: “after all, in 2016, (energy industries) accounted for 14% of the new work. ”

Trump negative attitudes towards renewable energy related concerns have been undermining United States determination to put into fighting climate change. In June 2013, Obama’s climate action programme (Climate Action Plan) is still able to trump the ruling era continues, all with bated.

According to the latest DOE report shows that the strength of the new energy economic growth cannot be ignored, but if the Trump to implement its energy policy, the independent newspaper pointed out that United States will most likely lose energy leader status.

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