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Polaris solar PV net news: Ningbo electronics (2017), 5th

The County (City) by the postal Office, various economic development Bureau of the Board, the unit:

To further promote the construction of photovoltaic power generation project in our city, advancing the city’s solar photovoltaic applications and solar PV manufacturing industry healthy and sustainable development, according to the management measures of the Ningbo solar power subsidies (Ningbo electronics (2014), No. 282) provides, now Ningbo photovoltaic subsidy funds (third batch) project work related to notice are as follows:

Application terms and conditions

(A) the scope of reporting

Distributed in photovoltaic power generation project in Ningbo range, PV; photovoltaic project has been included in the plan and approved by the province, city, State, province, for the record, before reporting complete acceptance and put into power generation; PV modules, inverters and other major equipment products manufactured by enterprises in our city.

(B) declare conditions

1. grid-connected PV power generation projects should be consistent with national, provincial and city-related industrial development planning and policy requirements, and according to design requirements to the safe and stable operation.

2. photovoltaic power generation projects investment unit Ningbo city, should be registered within enterprises, with independent legal person qualification and registered capital over 10 million Yuan.

3. individual projects not less than 0.5 MW in installed capacity (MWp).

4. the project of Ningbo enterprises shall be used in the production of PV modules, inverters and solar modules, inverters and other products need to 80% per cent of the total investment of the project equipment, components of these products in principle procurement reached industry and information Department of the PV manufacturing industry standard conditions called for the company’s products.

5. photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise of Ningbo (including PV industry chain enterprises) distributed PV investment and construction projects, requiring not less than 0.5 MW installed capacity (MWp), using the company’s products and purchasing local compliance conditions of production of PV modules, local products such as inverter reaching more than 80% of the total investment of the project.

6. energy-related departments, and acceptance by the electricity sector, is operating normally.

Second, application materials and procedures

(A) application materials

1. photovoltaic subsidy funding application form;

2. copy of business license and tax registration certificate copy;

3. filing a copy of the project;

4. copy of grid-connected acceptance issued by the local power grid enterprises;

5. purchase of major equipment (components, batteries, inverter) copy of tax invoice and budget of the project;

6. power grid Enterprise proof of actual generating capacity (electricity generated by grid-connected from the date to December 31, 2016);

7. projects in the County (City) documentation of Management Committee of the Government, subsidies.

(B) the project application procedure

1. PV power generation projects to their home districts and counties (cities) by submitting application materials.

2. the County (City) by the Council in accordance with the relevant provisions of the application materials for review and sign comments, after the application materials are submitted to the municipal board.

3. the municipality on the Wei organization departments and experts on the project funding application materials for review.

4. the municipal information Commission on municipal-level benefits of PV power generation projects for public notification, publicity for a period of 7 working days.

Three other matters

(A) Ningbo photovoltaic subsidy funds (third batch) to declare the project acceptance deadline is January 24, 2017, if inadmissible.

(B) the project documents bound in sequence, type 3, and other declarations in addition to original material stamped with the company seal required for confirmation.

(C) has awarded photovoltaic subsidy funds to support project (first, second), Ningbo city, simply submit the photovoltaic subsidy funding application form and grid Enterprise proof of actual generating capacity of the project (the new generating capacity since the last report to December 31, 2016), application materials requested above.

(D) has enjoyed the national “Golden Sun demonstration project” PV Application projects are not supported by financial assistance fund scope of this report.

Contact person: Yang Changke, Tel: 87183421, email: [email protected]

Annexes: 1. Ningbo photovoltaic subsidy funding application form

Zhejiang Ningbo declared photovoltaic subsidy funds (third batch) deadline of January 24, 2017

2. the actual electricity show

Zhejiang Ningbo declared photovoltaic subsidy funds (third batch) deadline of January 24, 2017

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