2016 50 solar export growth Fujian

Polaris solar PV net news: according to statistics from the Xiamen customs in 2016, cumulative exports of solar cells of 150 million Yuan, Fujian province, an increase of 48.2%. Exports for December 15.34 million Yuan, an increase of 2.3 times, jumped 5 consecutive months. As an important new export industry in Fujian, exports of solar cells growing strong.

According to Iran, Pakistan and the ASEAN Fujian solar cells are the main export markets. 2016 exports of 30.19 million Yuan respectively, 24.42 million, 21.49 million Yuan, an increase of 96 times and 1.8 times times, down 41.4%, the three accounted for exports of solar cell 50.1%, Fujian province, in the same period. According to analysts, benefit from the abundant resources of sunlight and policies frequently blows warm air, the PV industry rapid development in recent years, but the ensuing wave of expansion or lead to overcapacity, recommends companies focus on the Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets, seize the fast-growing market opportunities.

Original title: 50% solar export growth last year, Fujian

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